Climate Change effects to be tested through climate modeling

Climate change is a looming ecological threat, endangering the earth and the life it supports. It has not been easy to predict the exact possible impact that climate change will have. A team of scientists from various international climate modeling centers is now working toward finding out the menaces of climate change in future. The method they have chosen is modeling of the past climate to learn what impact the climate change has made over recent years and what will its future implications be.

Researchers recreating the past to predict the future of climate change

The research project, named the Palaeoclimate Modeling Inter comparison Project (PMIP) is an endeavor to reconstruct the past climates. The researchers can thus test climates of last several decades and centuries. Indeed, they will get a clear picture of the change the climate has gradually made over the years. It will potentially give a light on the situations the climate will undergo in future years.

The team of researchers will look into the palaeoclimate simulations of the Last Glacial Maximum under the PMIP. They will re create major ecological changes of last thousands of years. The data will be used to compare the current situations as well as to predict the future, claims, Sandy Harrison, who is from the Macquarie University.

The experiment using advanced climate modeling technologies will increase researchers’ awareness of the future threats of climate change. Of course, it will immensely help the humankind take enough precautionary measures to tackle the critical climate change concern. Well, PMIP is an advanced effort to increase the understanding of the twenty first century climates and enhance the modeling tools for predicting new situations.

Via: Macquarie

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