Clean, green ideas we can adopt to save the earth

There are many green practices that one can easily adopt in their daily lives to help curb greenhouse gas emissions. Conservation and preservation need not be a great sacrifice on your part; in fact, it need not be expensive either. Simple day-to-day practices can go a long way to conserving resources while educating those around us to work towards sustainable green practices.

Water conservation

Water conservation through measured use

Around 70% of earth’s surface is covered by water, but potable water is very scarce and using it wisely is highly essential to conserve water resources. Simple practices such as turning the tap off when you do not need water while brushing your teeth or fixing the dripping tap will go a long way in conserving water.

Studies show that an average household may be wasting up to 2000 gallons of water every day. You can also opt for tap water instead of bottled water and wash your clothes in cold water as far as possible to save on other resources.


Reduce fuel consumption

Walk up to the corner store or carpool with friends or colleagues to work or opt for the public transport. These are simple measures to cut down fuel consumption.

Leaving your car at home at least two days a week can phenomenally help in reducing greenhouse gases. Even simple measures such as a single trip for multiple errands can help in cutting down your fuel usage. You can days off to ride a bike to school or work which will also help in burning some calories in the process.


Reuse and Recycle

Dig through the garage or basement and riffle through junk at home to reuse some of the old stuff that is simply lying around instead of buying new goods. Instead of throwing all the garbage in a single bin segregate dry and wet waste for recycling.

Paper, cans, bottles most of these products can be recycled. Wet waste can be used to make compost in your backyard. In fact, making compost at home will ensure that lesser amount of garbage is taken to landfills and you save extra on tax Dollars too. Also, the compost made at home will make great natural fertilizer.


Energy efficiency

Adopt energy efficient technology at home such as CFL bulbs and highly rated electronic appliances. Clean your air filter systems and get programmable thermostat to save energy and to save money in the process. Turn of lights and unplug electronic appliances when not in use.


Here are simple measures that we can easily adopt without making too many lifestyle changes. They will not only go a long way in protecting the environment but will also help you curb costs and wastage.

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