Using solar power for energy needs of your business premise profitably

The government is seriously treating the energy crisis faced globally and in order to promote the usage of alternative sources of energy, it is offering numerous subsidies and concessions. For power needs within business premises, solar energy is being opted for increasingly. Solar power utilizes sunrays that are captured on solar panels that are mounted on the rooftops to capture solar energy.


Energy Needs of Businesses

Some businesses rely greatly on using power while others have moderate power requirement. However, power usage is inevitable in either case.

Apart from the conventional sources of power generation, integrating alternative sources of power helps in balancing the power consumption and in reducing operation costs and increasing business profits as well.

Installing solar energy can also help curb costs in the form of tax concessions. Solar energy systems can be connected to the power grid or it can be used as an exclusive off-grid energy resource. In the latter case, businesses can install a system purely to meet the business energy needs or earn additional back profit by selling green energy back into the grid.


Points to Consider While Installing Solar Energy System

Most business properties have adequate space in their premises to install solar energy system that can supply power and generate profits as a side business.

In fact, there are many allied long-term benefits of installing solar energy system. Some of the points to consider while installing solar energy systems are –

Solar Power Installation

  • Legally, there are many government incentives in the form of tax incentives and rebates on solar installations for residences and businesses. In fact, businesses can rent roof space for solar energy system installation for long-run profit.
  • Solar energy system requires a phenomenal amount of space and building roofs must be between 5000-30000 square feet at least for capturing adequate sunlight to power the premises. If your roof is smaller, then you can install just enough panels to power your premises.
  • In order to use solar energy optimally you must have adequate sunlight for the solar panels to absorb. Therefore, if your rooftop is shaded or there is tree cover then it might have to be removed, so that the solar panels get complete exposure to sunlight.


Solar panels may not be very cost effective in the short span, though it pays itself back in the form of energy saving in the long run, and the rising prices of energy providers is indication enough for that.

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