It’s all about loving your environment

Our environment is a very essential aspect of our life as we all depend on our environment, directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, the condition of the environment has become extremely woeful during the recent years. Creating harmony with the environment is very necessary. Remember, the environment treats us as we treat it. This article will help you know how you can do your bit to save our environment.


  • You can be a member of local soil and water Conservation Board and help local agencies to promote water and soil conservation methods.
  • You can undergo the Master Gardner training sessions and promote eco-friendly gardening techniques and the correct use of pesticides.
  • You can offer volunteer teaching at the Community Learning Centre to develop environmental awareness in children.


  • By joining the “Adopt your Watershed” program run by the Environmental Protection Agency, you can have a watch on the cleanliness of nearby streams and storm drains.
  • You can also provide help to the National Parks that conserve wild life and educate people about their natural own natural environment.
  • Funds can be raised for the Green Causes through various activities like organizing sales, walks and other such events.

tree plantation

  • During a natural disaster, you can lend the best of your help by cleaning debris, waste materials and other toxic materials.
  • Always try to use materials that you could reuse and recycle. You can also organize recycling drives in your locality.
  • You can join the tree plantation programs to plant as many trees as possible.
  • Taking a conservation tour at least once a year will not only help you to know your world better but also to know how you can take care of your environment.


  • A community garden is a place where you can learn planting, tending and harvesting plants and at the same time make new friends.
  • Most of us may have come across broken glass pieces, cigarette butts and other waste materials, which damage our streams and rivers and eventually cheapen the quality of the drinking water. To prevent this, you can join organizations that are dedicated to remove such litter from the environment.


Our environment is our home and gives us our food. As responsible inhabitants of this planet it should be our primary concern to look after our environment before it gets too late.

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