Carry your home on your travels with portable solar abodes

Lack of housing is becoming a burgeoning problem owing to population growth and lack of space. This has led to high cost of accommodation leaving many with no appreciable options to have a roof over their heads. True, housing developments offer people cheaper solutions, but how many families can such projects accommodate? This conundrum has led innovative souls to devise their own solutions that are sustainable and eco friendly. Mehdi Hidari Badie has designed portable solar abodes for those having a hard time keeping up with finances as well as for those who love to take their homes along with them.

Portable Solar Abodes

What’s great about the portable solar homes is that they can be constructed out of the rear of a truck along the lines of certain transforming robots the world knows and loves. The fully functional eco friendly home isn’t just a space saver; it attempts to minimize carbon footprint by generating its own electricity and incorporating insulation.

The portable house is made out of steel, recycled materials and aluminum. It even features its own thermoplastic insulation system for those cold winter months. The house can actually be folded into a tidy rectangle so all you have to do is fold it out when you need to use it. Hitch it to the back of a truck and you can carry your home along with you on your travels.

Like many eco friendly houses, the portable solar abodes feature solar paneling along the roofs for energy generation. This ensures that you don’t need to rack up power bills and will add a green feather to your cap.

What we like best is the intelligent design of the abodes. Once folded out, it’s difficult to make out that it’s a portable home. There’s plenty of glass for natural light as well as ventilation, adding even more eco friendliness to this unique concept.

Via: Trendhunter

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