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Book Igloo: Stacking them up for some shelter

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It is said that a book is one of the best friends you can have. It gives you a new joy every time you flip through its pages to unravel new delights. But, in a world where we are witnessing a stark shift toward online reading, the joy of reading hard copy books seems to be quickly losing its charm. It might not be all bad news as the e-readers and tablets of tomorrow might help save some trees and the unnecessary use of paper.

Book Igloo

Miler Lagos is an artist from Colombia who has build a ‘Book Igloo’ and while it is not a complete igloo, it still forms a stable structure that can support itself with no additional help. Obviously making a complete Igloo with books is something not many of us would have conceived, but Miler thought differently and made innovative use of books and turned them into an igloo. We are not really sure why the artist thought the best to use old books is building an igloo out of them, but if recycling is the message, he has been able to put it across subtly.

The way we indiscriminately use paper is a matter of concern and the artist is trying to tell us with the installation that it is only ‘knowledge’ that will protect us from the dangers to come. Maybe the Book Igloo is designed to entice and encourage you to pick up a book and read. Of course, you are free to interpret it in any way that you chose. But when it comes to its aesthetic appeal, there is nothing vague whatsoever.

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