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BIPVT: New Retrofit technology that promises thermal insulation along with solar power

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While it is amazing to see new zero energy homes and structures with solar rooftops come up all across the world, these only make for a fraction of all the buildings on the plant. There are many existing edifices that could also do with some green overhauling and researchers from various parts of the globe along with industrial developers are now working on exactly that. A joint project of the University of Wollongong, BlueScope Steel and Fraunhofer Institute, the Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) system aims at changing the rooftops of all the structures across the globe.

Pioneer new solar technology

BIPVT is a retrofitting system that is being developed currently to ensure that one can put up efficient and ergonomic photovoltaic installations on existing rooftops. The idea is to add to the already present roof instead of tearing it down to build a whole new solar rooftop. And the research team is going way beyond just harnessing the power of the sun for this new system. They a so intend to create a natural thermal insulation for the home by using the BIPVT.

The refurbishment of the roof that is already in place is done by adding a layer of BIPVT on top along with the PV installations. Due to the gap created between the old and the new roof structures, air that is caught in between them acts as perfect natural installation and keeps your artificial heating and cooling needs to an absolute minimum. In this simple, but highly effective. You not only get a great renewable and clean energy source, but also improved insulation. If the BIPVT system is realized, then many existing homes and offices can be turned into zero energy structures in times to come.

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