Biodegradable containers that are better for the eco system

With the increasing threat to ecosystem, the necessity of biodegradable containers is felt all over the world. Though people are aware of the threat, but still there is a need to create mass awareness about the biodegradable containers that are better for ecosystem. In our daily life, we use many containers which are harmful to wildlife and nature. The commonest example is plastic bag. Not only plastic bags, but cans, plastic bottles, cans, paper cups if not recycled can end up in degrading our ecosystem.

Hence, the need for an alternative exists and biodegradable containers can be a good substitute for day-to-day used materials. Since biodegradable products are made up of natural ingredients which decompose easily, less energy is required to recycle them providing faster and more efficient production. Also, biodegradable products does not produce toxin. Biodegradable plastics are microwavable; completely freezer safe and can withstand 120 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Owing to the above mentioned advantages, one should definitely opt for biodegradable products instead of plastics.

There are many biodegradable products which can be used in daily life for the betterment of the ecosystem. 5 examples of biodegradable containers that are better for the environment are mentioned below:

Alternative for plastic water bottles

Water bottle is an important part of our daily life. And Plastic water bottles are the most common material that we use for carrying water everyday. Hence, there is a need for its alternative in order to preserve our ecosystem. The biodegradable substitute for plastic water bottles can be stainless steel or aluminum bottles. In case, you don’t have choice but to carry plastic bags, bio-friendly water bottles can be better alternative which many companies are manufacturing these days. For example, Canada’s red leaf.

Paper/Plastic Cup Alternative

It is very convenient to use disposable paper/plastic cups in picnics and parties. Also, these are used in such a huge quantity worldwide, the most common place is the tea or coffee shop, ice cream parlor etc. But, these disposed materials form a major portion in the landfills and can be threat to the ecosystem if not recycled. Jelloware glasses can be an alternative for these disposable bags. Jelloware glasses consist of seaweed extract. These glasses can be thrown in the garden as it helps in the growth of the plants by adding nutrition.

Take-out containers substitute

Everyone’s household contains minimum 3-4 take-out containers made of plastic which is hazardous to our ecosystem balance. The Polystyrene take-out containers definitely need to be replaced by ecofriendly alternatives as thousands of these take-out containers are disposed worldwide which poses threat to our ecosystem. The alternative to these containers are compostable and biodegradable containers which are manufactured using sugarcane or corn rather than petroleum and other chemicals.

Gardening pots

We cannot curtail our interests due to ecosystem imbalance. However, instead of using plastic gardening pots, one can use alternative biodegradable pots for gardening. Now it is easy to grow food in containers that not only are hygienic and fully biodegradable, but are also beautiful to look at. So, for those who are interested in gardening, they can carry out their interests without using plastic and without harming the ecosystem anymore.

Poop bags

Poop bags are used by people who keep pets in their households. Hence, you can imagine the use of poop bags in quantity worldwide. Nowaday, in most of the households, we can find pets worldwide. Hence, environment friendly poop bags are also required as a substitute for plastic puppy poop bags. While walking out with your dog, opting for biodegradable bags simply makes more sense than plastic bags if you think with a broad outlook in terms of saving our ecosystem.

So as we can see, with the use of these containers we can do our bit in protecting the environment from further damage. These biodegradable containers should replace the harmful ones as soon as possible.

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