Ways to crush global climate change

Global climate change is a big threat to the planet. Climatic change is a usual thing happening in the world, but this rapid change due to pollution is an unbearable act. This results in increasing the temperature, melting of Ice bergs, threat to vegetation and animals, productivity of crops is reduced and much more. To crush this change, we have to make several strategies. Let us see top 5 ways to control this change.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These three activities are important factors to avoid pollution and thus controlling the climate change. We can reduce the waste by using reusable products and buying what we need. Also we can reduce by reducing the usage of paper, buying non-toxic substances, and avoiding the food wastage. Recycling and reusing are the other two important activities. Almost all products are recycled but many household wastes are not reaching the recycling centers. Mostly recycled products are paper, tires, electronic wastes, plastic, bottles, cans and wooden materials. Government should take lot of steps to do recycling and making the people aware about recycle program. By recycling the household wastes, we can save 3000 pounds of CO2 annually. Also people should know to decompose organic waste effectively. Industries also should use reusable and recycled products, so large amount of CO2 emission can be avoided.

Drive Less

About 2 billion vehicles are on road all over the world (including planes and ships), so just imagine how much carbon dioxide is emitted into atmosphere. One of the major sources for pollution is vehicles, which results in rapid climatic change. Drive less means avoiding the use of vehicles unnecessarily and utilizing the public transport to maximum extent. Also walking and using bicycles for short distances. This will result in fewer emissions. Besides reducing the emissions cycling and walking are good to health. Smart driving means choosing fuel efficient vehicles, hybrid vehicles, keeping the tires properly inflated, accelerating gradually and killing the engine at traffic signals. These things not only reduce the emission, but also increase the mileage and help our budget, and also keep the car in good condition.

Planting Trees

Because of a huge demand, thousands of trees are cut down every day around the world. It’s a huge blow to the environment since each tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Nowadays, a lot of trees are cut down in forests and in cities for making furniture, building material, sports goods and for burning, resulting in increase in temperature and reduction in rainfall. So, planting the trees is a best way to reduce the climatic change. Each tree will absorb Carbon dioxide and give oxygen, so planting trees also ensures good health for humans and increases the rainfall. Every nation had started the awareness program and projects to encourage the planting. Illegal cutting of trees should be avoided in forest areas.

Saving Electricity

Electricity is one of the greatest inventions by mankind; a world without electricity is unimaginable. But, that invention is becoming a curse to mankind. Human consumption increases every day and results in pollution. We have to avoid using the electricity unnecessarily; we should switch off the fan and light when we are not in the room, and also close the tap when we do not need water. We should use energy efficient bulbs like LED bulbs and CFL bulbs to reduce the consumption and avoid using air conditioners and heaters when they are not needed.

Alternative Sources of Energy

Tapping the alternative sources of energy is one of the best ways to reduce the CO2 emission and controlling the climatic change. Now, we are burning a lot of coal, using nuclear plants and gasoline for producing energy, but it results in huge amount of pollution. We should tap the renewable sources like solar, hydel, Geo-thermal, bio-gas and wind energy. Now, many countries are investing in these sources to keep the atmosphere clean and to meet the demands. Since the demand is high, a lot of power plants are needed to produce more energy. Also renewable sources doesn’t produce as much power as non renewable sources, the implementation of these natural sources are slow. But in future most of the energy will be produced from the renewable sources; it not only keeps the atmosphere clean but also reduces the cost of production.

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