Best Ways to Recycle During Thanksgiving

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The Thanksgiving is around the corner and this is the time to offer our thanks for everything, be it shelter, employment, family and friends, we have. The one thing that we do not acknowledge is our gratitude for our planet and environment. Here are a few ways through which we can do our bit to save our environment on Thanksgiving:

Switch to green cleaning products:

use old clothes for mopping

Try to find out cleaning products that are recycled, naturally sourced, biodegradable and non-toxic. You could perhaps use old clothes for mopping and dusting. Apart from that, many new eco-friendly cleaning products are non-toxic and made out of natural cleaning agents. This way you would be saving the planet from a lot of damage.

Buy organic and locally grown product for your feast:

locally grown product

You can rustle up a thanksgiving feast by serving locally sourced products that are both green and delicious. Make sure that you reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing products that do not leave behind carbon footprint. The best way would be to start your own kitchen garden and barter your produce with your neighbor.

Use your precious dishware:


Try not to use disposable dishes, cups, dinner plates, napkins, etc. and go green by taking out your dishware and china utensils. You might have a lot of washing to do at the end; it will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save a lot of money too.

DIY: Create your own festive ambiance:

festive ambiance

Rather than going to the supermarket to buy fancy decorations and holiday cheer, search some videos on the Internet and use your creative skills to make turkeys out of recycled paper and new candles by melting and combining old ones. This way, you can also engage the children and turn decoration into a fun-filled activity.



When you are heading off to family gatherings, make it a point to carpool, as you would be saving the environment from carbon emissions. Otherwise, the other best way would be to take the public transport.

Compost your food scraps:

Compost your food scraps

After a feast, we usually leave lots of food scraps. Instead of throwing it away in garbage bins, make a compost pit in your backyard and turn the food leftovers into valuable compost.


If you are planning for a grand Thanksgiving party, employ these eco-friendly changes to show your appreciation for the nature and thus reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

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