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Best stained glass window patterns to complement your green home

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Stained glass has been used to enhance the beauty of home decors since decades. With changes in interior decoration styles, stained glass designs have also evolved to complement the popular contemporary and modern decors that are in vogue. Stained glass items are a great option for enhancing the elegance of a room, for bringing an array of colors and visual interest to a room. As goes with creative wall paintings, even stained glasses are available in various designs (classic, modern, animal, floral, cartoon style, etc.) to fulfill your requirement for an eco-friendly home. Although the glass window décor market is full of different varieties, the best among them are:

April Cross with flowers

The April cross with a beautiful floral design is suitable for window clings with its rounded design. The design is totally in a round format with an elegant cross design embedded beneath the floral patterns carved so as to be visible from a distance. With its subtle design of flowers, the April cross with flowers is most suitable during the spring and summer seasons, provided the ventilation/sunlight is well set to drop into your house. Apart from the windows, this unique pattern could also be the best possible design in the living room or the room where guests are welcomed. Fit this design into a carved round wooden structure for a more elegant look without compromising on eco-friendly benefits.

Burning bush

To get the most out of eco-friendly stained glass designs, this Burning bush of liturgical and inspirational stained glass patterns gives a feel of life in every bit of its design. Whether it is the radiant colors used or the finest glass patterns embedded or the perfect placement of the leaves, the Burning bush aptly fits into the living room or hall or spiritual room of your home. With two rows of stained glass rims drawn outside, the burning bush is designed with the colors of changing flames and can easily be made at home, provided the maker has good knowledge of color combinations.

Obsession art glass

If the home maker is overwhelmingly obsessed by art of any kind, then turning to obsession art glass is perhaps a good move. Art of any kind has its beauty to speak of. With its fine curves and anatomy-by-block designs, obsession art glass offers varieties aplenty. It’s the taste that matters and is best suitable anywhere in the living room to complement the absence of original paintings or wall designs.

Glass of the gardens

As the name suggests, this craft is designed out of well structured gardens as well as the simplistic creeper designs placed along the ridge of the glass. With a square/rectangular design, this could fit into any of the side wall windows in the bedroom as well as the living room. Emphasizing good living with good lighting, the colors used in this pattern are mostly green in color or a combination of hues of green. Sometimes, a pair of bamboo sticks encircled by differently designed creepers would also do to give it a garden-like look.


Having its roots in a Japanese motif, Koi is a colorful glass pattern. Square in shape, it has all the ingredients to fit into the main hall. This craft is a combination of fishes swimming around in a pond full of water plants in varied hues. Design-wise, it could be improved upon according to your taste and pattern-wise, it is ideal for the modern day lifestyle, emphasizing the movement/life in every aspect of the room. Likewise, one can also opt for a sun sign-based stained glass pattern as a means to relive the self. The Koi has a blue tint with varied green and blue tints supported by orange colored fish designs.

Flamingo Window

The Flamingo Window is a semi-circular design to be fitted into the arc above the front door. With all the creepers along its edge, the aesthetics of the flamingoes embedded into this design give a rich colored look stressing on the nature factor. Above all, placing it on top of the entryway door arc gives a more cozy look to the hall. In some ways, due its color, the design restricts more light from falling into the front room which could be a drawback of this pattern.

Along with the above mentioned types, there are the usual floral designs (for spiritual rooms), fruit bunches (for dining rooms), sun catchers (for living rooms), etc. to make your home more lively and at the same time eco-friendly.

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