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Best eco friendly modular homes for the eco conscious

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As the effects of climate change is being felt across the world, eco friendly homes coming more into the limelight. These environment friendly houses are energy efficient and cost effective. Available in various shapes and sizes, eco friendly homes utilize less wood and other non renewable resources and yet maintain the physical integrity of a house. Modular models are based on innovative and creative techniques to beat the growing demand of eco friendly homes. Fuelled by increased demand of such modular houses, a new industry of environment friendly homes is picking up the pace. Some of them modular home options are listed below for you to go green.

Eco friendly modular home

The Solar Fish house

The Fish house is an eco friendly house constructed in an open space facing the sea. Ocean facing, this modular home is oriented to suit the direction of the sun. The inhabitants of this eco friendly house can feel close to nature and feel the ocean breeze at all times. This high tech water front home is constructed of wood, steel and glass. It has curved rooms, which are roofed with solar panels to meet the energy demands of the house.

Paper House

A paper house can on an average cost you close to $5,000 and is usually constructed in a three ninety square foot area. This modular home can accommodate up to eight residents. It is based on convertible mechanism of open air or closed kitchen model. A paper house usually comes along with tables and chairs. It is made of a paper shell. This is made of a resin soaked cellulose, which is created from reprocessed paper and shaped into honeycomb walls. These walls offer a structural integrity and great insulation to the house.

Con House

Limited space and rising prices in the real estate industry is motivating people to opt for green solutions. The ConHouse small house design created by Trebnje, Slovenia is an indicator that minimum spaces can be developed into classy living area. A compact prefab house is made from containers. It is known for its declining livable space. The double storey prefab mini house is built on two upright positioned containers one over the other. The Con house design offers a contemporary interior coupled with floor to ceiling windows.


Green modular homes also offer a type of modular house referred as i-House. Green buildings offering environmentally friendly structures are based on the platinum rating from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. These houses offer eco friendly components, which include reduced flow outlets, high efficiency heating pumps, dual flush lavatories, roofs designed for rainwater harvesting, and insulated walls and floors. One can choose to upgrades to bamboo flooring and solar panels if the pocket allows. These can be purchased online for less than $75,000.

Butterfly House

This is a modular style house clad in locally gathered bamboo. The house material is woven using a customary method on the front and rear. The Butterfly House comes in a ready to install model and is assembled on site. It offers a sustainable appeal. Such houses are raised off the ground. This reduces the problem of extreme dampness and subsequent decay. This is the right choice if you prefer an environmentally friendly home. The cost varies depending upon the location and size of the house. Exact pricing is determined by several factors, including the model and features that are chosen.

Adex eco friendly house

An eco friendly interlocking system of prefabricated pieces, ADEX is another independent modular style house for the green living. It can be easily installed at the place of your choice and can eventually adopt to meet the changing needs of its surroundings with an ability to collect renewable resources. Easily dismantled, this triangular prefab is based on a ready to move concept. This gives it an advantage of going along with you round the world. It is based on a sustainable housing model. It offers features not limited to solar heaters, rainwater harvesting technique and water recycling making it an ideal option for the green lovers. This type of eco friendly house is itself composed of recycled waste materials.


These eco friendly homes can be energy efficient and cost effective. You can choose from a varied models of such modular houses available in the market to suit your country weather and daily needs. With shooting real estate prices, choosing from eco friendly modular houses can give you the flexibility and independence to move along with them, where ever you want. Live healthy, love environment, go green and explore more.

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