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The benefits of using wooden shutters in your eco friendly home

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A mandatory commodity that is required for a house is windows. The more they are in number, the more ventilated the house would be. But when windows in sliding model or latches are available, it takes a little extra effort for us to open and close it. When wood shutters come into play there are a lot of advantages that come along with them.

Wooden Shutters

Avoid Sunlight

A good eco friendly home will have numerous products like eco friendly furniture, books, lamps, cushions etc. When too much of direct sunlight is exposed to it, there are greater chances of its life expectancy to go down. These wooden shutters can prove to come handy in situations like this. During mid afternoon or whenever you feel sunny, these shutters can be shut down to prevent the sunlight from escaping inside to your lovely home. This helps in maintain a cool temperature as well.

Bye bye curtains

The extra confusion of choosing, which colour curtain goes with what colour of the wall all comes to an end with the use of these shutters. Once the shutters are closed, there is complete control over sunlight and hence the role of curtains becomes extinct. The extra cost involved in curtains purchase can be cut back or can be used for something different.

Stylish wood shutters

These wood shutters are trend setters off late. To give more style and aesthetics to your sweet home, you can choose wood shutters that go with the theme of your house. They come in different sizes and shapes and also in different colours to suit the mood of your house. There are also options like tailor made wood shutters that can go exactly with your requirements.

Easy cleaning

For the pollution that is existing now a days, frequent cleaning has become mandatory. One might feel sceptical about cleaning the shutters as they might be a little hectic. But, the actual fact is that it is easy to clean wood shutters with normal cleaning equipments or solutions.

Noise free

Shutters don’t cause any kinds of noise like squeaking, clanking when they are opened or closed unlike the windows. The ventilation can be controlled in the room by opening the shutters to the necessary level. The added advantage is unlike the windows, the shutters block the external noises also. Hence you can have a noise free environment.

Energy saving

As the wood shutters act as good insulators, there tends to be cool temperature in the house when the shutters are closed. This makes you to stop using the cooling equipments like air condition, fans, coolers etc. Plus in the morning hours, you can open the shutters, which invite a harmless sunlight and a cool breeze and therefore you can switch off the lights too. This tends to cut back a major scale of your energy bills.

Patterns of Shutters

There are three main patterns of these shutters. They are Louvered, Raised Panel and Board and Batten

Louvered shutter is rectangular in shape and consists of horizontal slats. These shutters are a great choice for a traditional and elegant home. Raised Panel shutter is also rectangular in shape but consists of two vertical panels. And finally Board on batten is a simple, but dignified shutter type, which is made from vertical boards and are integrated by a horizontal board on its top and bottom.

Safe for everyone

These shutters do not come with hanging cords and hence there is no chance for the children to get suffocated from one. It comes with a lock, with which you can lock the shutters from inside and hence it increases the rate of security for your lavish home.

When one wants to maintain an eco friendly environment, what is more ecological than having a considerable amount of wood as windows for your home? It not only comes with stylish looks, but it also proves to be efficient in many ways.

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