Are aluminum windows eco friendly?

Shiny aluminum needs no introduction especially to people who have seen this material take different form in last more than hundred and fifty years. This versatile material used in homes, cars, vehicles, etc is younger than all other metals used by man. Have you ever wondered why cold drink cans are becoming a norm in an era where the fears of global warming, climate change and carbon footprints are looming large? Yes, it is because it is easily recyclable. However, is aluminum really eco friendly? Yes it is. Offering a high scrap value with well-known consumer recognition, aluminum enjoys complete support from the industry. For the eco conscious folks, usage of aluminum could mean favoring environmentalism. There are various reasons for using aluminum windows as an eco-friendly option for your green house.

Aluminum windows are durable and long lasting

This environment friendly material can provide you with durable and long lasting windows to help you contribute towards saving the planet. It is ideal for creation of windows as it is a sustainable material and helps in improving energy performance as compared to other varieties available in the market. Aluminum windows allow flexibility. Aluminum windows can be used in combination with increased insulation or ambient lighting or high-tech glazing techniques to give a trendy look. This eco-friendly material can be a great home décor option as it is corrosion free and resistant to humidity and warping for the houses built in tropical areas. Aluminum windows do not pose any health side effects. These types of windows are cost effective. They are not as expensive as wood windows, but are equivalent to the mid to upper price range for vinyl windows.

Aluminum windows are recyclable

Aluminum windows are recyclable, sustainable, and versatile and can be used to construct a green building. Aluminum is found in abundance in the earth’s crust. Aluminum windows being hundred percent recyclable, can be re-used if you opt to remodel your house or opt for new windows. These windows can be re-used to create building components without any loss in the quality of the material. Aluminum windows can add a pinch of spice to your home décor with its shiny appeal and trendy designs.

Aluminum windows do not emit toxins

In case the glass of aluminum windows crack or needs repair due to any other reason, it can be corrected easily unlike vinyl windows. They are easy to maintain and emit no toxic substances, making them the most viable option for the nature friendly folks. Aluminum windows are a great choice for eco homes as they look attractive and most of the aluminum used for these windows contains recycled content to varying degrees. The insulating properties of aluminum windows bring additional benefits like lowering energy bills. Aluminum does not emit sparks and it can be used in houses, which are around flammable environments. Since aluminum does not burn, it does not produce any toxic fumes. This material can bend under loads or spring back from the shock of impact.

Aluminum windows are energy efficient

These windows are ecofriendly as they help save energy if they possess a good thermal break. They are energy efficient, are available in a wide array of shades and designs, and can be painted nearly in any color. They have great strength and are sound absorbers. These windows are three times stronger than vinyl windows and once fitted effectively, can pose a challenge to loosen or dislodge. Aluminum windows can be a great environment friendly option for you to make your house green.

Other properties

These windows are easy to clean and do not require any harsh chemical for their maintenance – another reason for them to be environment friendly. This low cost, ready to use material can offer great design options that are fireproof. They are usually used in high-rise buildings due to their fire resistant property. Aluminum windows are lightweight and easy to handle, and are thus less expensive to ship. Aluminum is non-combustible and can be finished with a variety of techniques including paint or electroplating.


Aluminum windows can be a great cost effective choice for your home décor. Using material made from recycled aluminum helps to reduce carbon emissions and energy use. You only need five percent of the energy to generate raw aluminum from bauxite. You could choose to use windows made of aluminum material and replace your old poorly insulated windows to make them energy efficient. So, go ahead and eliminate energy losses in your home with the installation of these easy to clean windows.

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