Being Eco-friendly post-death

When you live green and practice being eco-friendly throughout your life, why should your death be any different? There are many options to choose from in case you are planning to continue being green even after you are six-feet under.


Being Eco-friendly post-death

A funeral service is for remembering what a person has been and done throughout his life. People speak fondly about the departed soul and remember him for what he symbolized when he had walked the earth. Usually, a memorial service will be based on how the person had wished he be buried or cremated . In case of a sudden and untimely death, the family will organize the funeral based on what that person ‘would have wanted’. For an eco-friendly person, who practices being environment friendly throughout his lifetime, it is not difficult to assume that he would want the same thing when his soul left his body as well. There are many ways in which you can facilitate this.

  • Eco-friendly coffins –You can opt for coffins which are bio-degradable. They are made with eco-friendly materials like paper, bamboo, willow and formaldehyde-free ply.
  • Cremation – Cremation disposes of the body but it releases a lot of chemicals into the air. There is a way how you can be cremated and be eco-friendly at the same time. A new process called ‘resomation’ allows the body to be decomposed in the natural way but speeds up the process through alkaline hydrolysis. The body is put inside a tube filled with water and steam-heated upto 300 degrees. The remnants are powdered bones and a lot of fluid which can be used as a fertilizer in your garden.


  • Bio-degradable urns – If you do not want to go that extra mile, you can opt for bio-degradable urns which come with a seed in them. The remains can be put in the urn and the seed goes on to grow into a tree. This is a good way to be immortalized forever and ‘go green’ in the literal sense of the term.
  • Eco-Friendly invites – There are easier way to have an eco-friendly funeral. The invites can be handed out in the form of Remembrance Tree Paper. These come with seeds and the invitee can plant them directly into the ground. This paper is environment –friendly and chlorine free.
  • Flowers – An essential part of any funeral, make sure you request people to avoid polysterene foam and plastic-wires. These items are not bio-degradable.

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