Smart Eco-friendly Gifts

Eco-friendly gifting or Green gifting is an up-and-coming trend and is becoming popular amongst the masses. It is environment friendly and economical.


Smart Eco-friendly Gifts

Eco-friendly gifting started with reusing gift-wrapping paper. Although frowned upon at initially, now it is a widely accepted and preferred practice. As people move forward towards being more eco-aware, they have adopted eco-friendly practices as a lifestyle. Eco-gifting gives you a lot of options to choose from. It is also easy on your pockets and thoughtful at the same time. You can choose from a variety of items like plants, toys, watches, etc. They are available for every age and gender. We have listed down a few of the top favored ones amongst so many other awesome gifts.

  • Safe Toys for kids – We love kids and we love gifting them toys. Do you know however that these toys can be toxic and are, in fact more harmful than fun? To opt for a healthier choice, you can go for wooden and handmade toys. These can be animal figures for them to play with in case they are very toddlers. Every kid loves animals and birds.  For children who have just started attending school, you can gift them a wooden puzzle which is colorful and bright. Growing children love games and such kind of gifts are thoughtful and help build the child’s skills and intellect.
  • Solar watches for men – Men love watches and an eco-friendly watch will be doubly special for anyone who practices eco-friendly habits. They are stylish and are solar-powered . There are various designs to choose from depending on whether you want it to be used as a workplace watch or an outing watch or for simple everyday use.
  • Potted Plants – Potted plants are the epitome of the ‘go green’ trend and culture. These are great for the home and serve the purpose of being pleasant, eye-soothing décor. They do not even require too much of effort. For people who are too lazy to water their plants , you can go for plants which require little attention . There are a lot of options you can choose from. Living plants in your house can be a great source of positive energy.
  • Eco-friendly fashion – There are just too many options to choose from in case you are looking for a gift for a special lady. They can be straw hats or jute bags or even fashionable footwear. They are easily available in the market and are quirky and stylish.

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