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BEAliving – A universal eco home that could set you green anywhere

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The picture you are looking at is the image of BEAliving when it got displayed at the TEKTONICA Exhibition 2011 organized in Lisbon, Portugal. Developed by the talented designer Goncalo Silva Pinto, BEAliving is a modular lifetime eco-home. It has a universal and smart green design that is friendly to the environment in all aspects. In fact, this eco-home has been designed following the principles of modular architecture, universal design and sustainable building. The meaning of ‘BEA’ further justifies that it is ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Ecological’ and ‘Accessible.’ This flexible modular home has been designed in an innovative manner by using recycled or recyclable materials.

BEAliving by Goncalo Silva Pinto

There has been a use of the waste metallic structures during the construction of this environmentally friendly home. These used structures are transformed into different sustainable housing modules. Such modules may let you save a lot of space and organize it in a better manner. The development of this structure reflects a proper reinvention of the existent. BEAliving is a good example of the 3R’s concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. The construction of such homes involves technological research, reuse of universal and sustainable objects and prefabrication of systems.

The green BEAliving home is easily adaptable at any stage of your life. This type of a home is also quite affordable for everyone. Not only does it look stylish and ecologically smart from outside, but it also displays a great finish if you take a look at its interiors. Its living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining place, washrooms, etc. are all crafted in a creative way to suit the needs of the modern-day nomad. The prototype of this eco-home at the exhibition perfectly presented an example of how such a house could be altered per your custom needs. So, you may design it the way you like!

Via: Behance

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