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Christian Tagliavini drapes portraits of women in cardboard outfits

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Many times when I see people using recycled stuff for creating pieces of art, my mind wanders to find how this could help save the environment or preserve resources. After all, all that we derive from such craft is visual pleasure and nothing useful. But, I guess my perception can be invalidated. Seeing the cardboard creations of the Swiss Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini, I was rather put in a frenzy to comprehend my own thinking process and the answer that convinced me has been elaborated after the break.

Portraits of Ladies in Cardboard Outfits

Let us begin by discussing the work of Tagliavini. Well, he creates portraits of women using cardboard and drapes them in the dressing style followed throughput the 17th century. Apparently his cardboard creations reflect tints of cubism and in theory too we can say that his art pieces can be broken up and every component can be analyzed individually and rearranged.

Tagliavini has successfully taken us through the evolving ages of fashion and for this not an inch of cloth has been used. Differently colored cardboard cut into the desired shapes and styles; glued together is all he needed to take hold on his art; creating outfits that sublimely discard the use of cloth.

Now coming back to my rather absurd question; how has his art helped the environment? One prominent reason why it is environmentally friendly is that if these pieces of art were not created, the material used for them would have been found among heaps of dump, rotting away without any use. Now, at least it is giving creative satisfaction to Tagliavini without much spending on the purchase of new stuff, saving us resources. Secondly, his work inspires us to first use materials lying around, recycling whatever you can. It teaches us the art of management and how we can make provisions for everything we need with everything that exists.

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