Baguette Tables: An attempt to raise awareness on food wastage

It is amazing how most of us take the things that come to us easily for granted and do not worry too much about them. Food is one of those things that we just waste for no reason. Often you see so much food that is wasted in big cities that could feed a couple of the smaller ones elsewhere. And this by no means is an exaggeration as stats from UN suggest exactly that. And Gosia and Tomek Rygalik have designed the Baguette Tables to showcase exactly that.


The Baguette Tables are created out of left over and stale baguettes from the city of Vienna. All this food was supposed to be thrown away before the designers picked them up to create these unique tables that showcase the amount of food that goes waste across the globe each day. From a design standpoint it tells you that you can create out of any material, but the greater message here is to tell the world that we must think twice before we waste resources.

While those who waste food might feel today that they can ‘afford’ to do so, this might well lead us to a future with scant resources where you will struggle to find resources no matter how much you are willing to pay for them. The designers tell that all the food discarded by Vienna could feed half of Graz, the second largest city of Austria. Displayed at the Vienna Design Week Laboratory 2011, the Baguette Table is a representation of the unnecessary excess that we indulge in and how a bit of commonsense on part of some can feed many hungry mouths elsewhere.

Via: Gessato

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