Bioplastics: Advantages, Disadvantages, Trends, and more

With the ever increasing awareness of the environmental as well as the health hazards of oil derived plastics, the global industry is taking into consideration the plant based alternatives (aka Bioplastics). Bioplastics are derived from renewable material


Geothermal Energy: Everything you might want to know about it

The temperature rises one degree Celsius for every 30-50 meters you go down the earth’s surface. This heat is brought to the near-surface by thermal conduction and by intrusion into the earth’s crust of molten magma originating from great depth….

Geothermal energy

15 Eco-friendly stove designs to reduce environmental pollution

From the conventional Chulhas used in villages to the more widely used LPG stoves in the cities, emission of greenhouse gases is one of the greatest of concerns of today. Though LPG stoves are said to be most convenient and cause less pollution, studies h

Oorja Stove

Eco-friendly paint: Benefits, Examples, and more

Eco friendly paints always score over the traditional paints that use a great deal of chemical components. Some of the primary ill effects of these chemical based paints are burning eyes, nose and throat, irritated skin, minor skin burns, headaches, dizzi

Cost efficient

Innovative eco-friendly products and why you should choose them

Eco friendly trend is now very popular across the world. This environmentally friendly concept is mainly used by industries as an eco-label on their products, ensures their undisruptive effects towards the environment. As a result of various natural calam


25 Eco-friendly streetlights for a green future

The rise in the demand for energy and the decline in its supply have made product manufacturers and designers come up with sustainable alternatives that help save energy or run on renewable sources of energy. The street lighting industry has also witnesse

Eco-friendly streetlights for a green future

Outdoor and indoor air purification systems of the future

As we know it:

Fresh air is synonymous with good health and vitality. But the unfortunate fact is that there is hardly any fresh air around for us to breathe in. What the lungs generally take in nowadays is air impregnate with acidic pollutants…

Oxygen of Green
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