Artist transforms old chair into work of art using pieces of broken china

China crockery is as attractive as it is fragile, and can disappoint the owner if a few pieces of the same are broken. But, on the other hand, with a little bit of imagination and creativity these broken pieces of china can be recycled to make something constructive and wonderful. One of the best things that can be done is to make mosaic projects using pieces of broken china and this is what a Lehigh Valley artist did, who transformed a simple chair into a stunning piece of art.

Broken China Mosaic Chair Project

Pieces of broken china can be recycled and put to use in many different ways, all you need for that is a creative mind. You can make a mosaic picture frame, pots foe plants, jewellery boxes or else some decorative pieces for the living room. In this broken china mosaic chair project, the artist decorated a chair using different pieces of broken china. He adorned this chair, dubbed “Half Life” using a traditional method, in which he made use of all the antique remnants of the broken china crockery including plates, cups, saucers to name a few. Much of the remains that he used to decorate this chair are over a hundred years old. Some of them he collected from the river Thames, where they were washed aground from the pottery factories that were run on the riverbanks long time back. To begin with he wiped the chair, and then painted it. Once it was dry, using a strong silicone based glue he placed the pieces one by one on the chair, allowing the design to form as it was created.

This project gives out an important environmental message to the people and make them aware as to how the waste material that usually ends up in the landfill, adding to the waste problem, can be used to make decorative pieces of art.

Via: Dish Functional Designs

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