Are millennials actually more eco friendly or do they just fake it?


To be an environmentalist in today’s world is a must. None of us can turn a blind eye to the prevailing situation where the world is facing. Under these circumstances, it is matter of great debate whether or not the millennials are eco friendly or not. The older people often seem to think that the millennials are not responsible enough when it comes to matters of the environment. Here in this article will take up the debate of whether the millennials are more eco friendly nature is the case or is it the other way round.

Are milennials more eco friendly

To start off the debate let us be blunt and honest. From what the studies show and from what most scholars have to say, millennials are indeed more eco friendly than their previous generations. It is reflected in the choices they make and also in the awareness that they possess and spread. While the previous eras have not been particularly concerned with the damage that they have caused, it is definitely not the case with this current lot.

  • Awareness levels:
    climate-changeMillennials have a definite advantage over the older generations. The level of awareness that they are exposed to was unthinkable in the earlier times. From a very tender age they experience the phenomena of climate change unfold before their eyes. It is an integral part of all school textbooks. It is shown in advertisements, movies and so many more mediums are used to convey the message of a green movement, that it is only fair if the millennials more eco friendly nature is a fact. However that being said credit still goes to these millennials because the knowledge alone is not good enough, if it won’t be used the right way. For that you need a solid conscience which the millennial does not seem to lack.
  • Knowledge of the world: In the earlier days the world was a closely knit unit. Individuals traveled little and usually were stationary near their place of residence which seldom changed. Any ill effect they had on the environment would thus go unnoticed as it is unlikely that their actions would show results at the very same spot. Today the millennials travel a lot around the world. What they see gets registered and they become environmentally conscious customers. They see the horrific effects unfold before their eyes and the knowledge spreads fast.
  • Digitization:

    Millennials more eco friendly nature is largely due to the fact that the world is so very digitized. In this new world, firstly, the news spreads very easily. Any environmental hazard is reported as soon as possible and measures are suggested. Through mediums like the Facebook the word is spread out fast and more and more people join the environmentally conscious crowd. Digitization also makes the job easier when it comes to protest. It takes out the risk that was previously associated with taking up an environmental cause against wrongdoers. Here one does not even need to go face to face with the wrongdoer and can still lodge a complaint. The millennials more eco friendly nature has much to do with the advancements made through the process of digitization.
  • Sustainable fashion and others: There is an increasing trend among the millennials to go sustainable in their approach. They are being raised as environmentally conscious customers and that shows in the choices they make. That is why you will see a rising instance of cycles being purchased. You will see the consumer awareness regarding whether the engine of the car is eco friendly or not. They make their intentions clear from the choices they make. Be it sustainable fashion or be it to take up a cause for PETA, nothing really bogs them down. This is another feature that stands testimony to the fact that the millennials more eco friendly nature has no faking in it. Market statistics around the world show the same trend and it cannot just be a coincidence. 
  • Diet:

    Millennials are health conscious but their diet is also a reflection of their concern for the environment. More and more number of people are starting to shift to an organic diet. The world statistics show a steady decrease in the number of meat eaters every year. They are aware that the production of meat causes great damage to the environment and are willing to give it up and go vegan for the sake of protecting the environment. Thus this is yet another aspect through which they prove that their intentions have no fake essence to them.
  • Fearlessness: This is an intrinsic property of the millennials and this helps a great deal when it comes to their work for the environment. They are extremely fearless and do not get bogged down by the show of power of the wrong doer. They exist with the courage of calling a spade a spade and nothing escapes their aware and conscious minds. This is reflected in many of the nature campaigns that have taken place of late and is one of the main reasons why they have been so successful in getting their vibes right. They have the right realization as to what is necessary for the environment which is what makes them better than the previous generations.

Final words

These millennials are environmentally conscious customers but it must be remembered that all that we spoke about is only a generalization. It is obviously not true for each and every individual as there are many who do not fall under those taking part in green movement. But the efforts put together by the others are indeed commendable. If this is the trend and it is here to stay, then we dare say that maybe there is still a hope for the redemption of the ailing earth.

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