Eco Tech: Septic tank water to be recycled for gardening!

Eco Factor: High-Tech Septic tank to provide recycled water for our lawns.

The scarcity of fresh water has tempted designers and companies all over the world to develop some conventional and some not-so-conventional ways to reuse the water we keep on wasting every day. Here is another way to reuse water that makes use of water from the septic tank to water our thirsty lawns.

Developed by BioKube, this septic tank hopes to save about 15,000 gallons of water an average American home uses to water lawns each year. In normal septic tanks, the solids settle down with gravity, the water enters a tank with bacteria that cleans it and releases it into a leaching field where bacteria further clean the water. This new kind of septic tank has numerous bioblocks, which house bacteria for cleaning water. With something like, septic tank pumping Indianapolis, this tank can do wonders. Once water enters these septic tanks all the filtering processes take place in the tank only, eliminating the need for a leaching field.

According to the company’s statements, a six-foot-tall tank can process about 7.5 liters of water every 15 minutes and make the water available for our lawns.

The Dark Side:

Using septic tank water for the lawns cannot by any means is called a great green innovation. We still stand by rainwater recycling and harvesting systems for the same.

Via: Clean Technica

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