Architect conceptualizes faux mountain over NYC big box stores

Architectural designs are witnessing major developments and we are witnessing a revolution in the form of innovative designs and plans. One such designer, Ju Hyun Kim is attempting to cover the roofs of big box stores in New York City with a massive faux mountain that will offer ski slopes during the winters and in the summers, turn into hiking trails. The NYC architect’ aim is to build a forest in the mountain that will be able to provide fresh air for the city.

Architect Wants To Link NYC’s Big-Box Stores With A Fake Mountain

Kim is attempting to give downtown Manhattan a facelift by building a mountain over big box stores like Best Buy, Target and AMC, keeping in mind the fact that the city lacks in mountainous topography. The NYC architect claim that the project will provide a natural environment along with the forest and will also serve as a habitat for birds and insects. He adds that the set up will offer various activities such as hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Kim wants to build the mountain over the roofs of the stores in New York as he is also a fan of outdoor activities with hiking being one of his main interests. According to him, the inspiration behind his concept comes from the natural beauty of his native South Korea.

Kim’s idea will come as a boon for nature lovers as a large part of Manhattan is covered by concrete although it is also famous for its natural beauty including rivers and parks. However, the designer says that the only factor missing in the city is a mountain. If his concept comes to life, it will serve as the ultimate destination for entertainment and may also become the first city in the world to have such a structure. One can only wait and see if Kim’s innovative idea over NYC’s big boxes can become a reality.

Via: Fastcodesign

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