A green roof is an investment that brings high returns

Green roofs are becoming quite common in a lot of households today. In addition enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the home, a green roof would offer home owners plenty of other benefits as well. Here are a couple of those benefits every homeowner would get to enjoy by installing a green roof in his/her home.

Reduced energy consumption

GREEN ROOF (7)A green roof would provide an additional layer of insulation for your home, thereby minimizing the need to use more insulation for the roof while construction. This in turn, would lead to the home using lesser energy for heating/cooling purposes, thereby reducing your energy consumption costs significantly.

Extended roof life

GREEN ROOF (5)Green roofs tend to last longer than conventional ones. This can be attributed to the reason that the plants on the roof would absorb the UV rays of the sun and shield the roof from the same, thus increasing its life and durability. So while installing a green roof may turn out to be an expensive option, you can be sure of gaining a profitable return in terms of life cycle costs.

Added noise proofing

GREEN ROOF (4)A green roof would provide appropriate noise proofing for your home which would come as a boon for you in case you live in a busy neighborhood or near the airport.

Reduced use of roof drains

GREEN ROOF (3)A green roof would minimize the need to install multiple roof draining systems in your home. While the plants on the roof would soak up most of the run offs, the remaining can be collected via just one or two roof drains. In addition to reducing costs related to installing and maintaining multiple roof drains, this would help you heave a sigh of relief on the day you ascend the roof to clear out the drains.

Increased safety from fires

GREEN ROOF (2)When compared to conventional roofs, green roofs have a lower burning heat load. Hence, a green roof would offer more protection from a house fire. In most cases, it would give you plenty of time to get everyone in the house to safety as compared to a traditional roof which would make the heat unbearable in the room within minutes.

Reduced electromagnetic radiation

GREEN ROOF (6)The increase in the number of mobile and wireless towers in a region can, in turn, increase the risks of being affected by electromagnetic radiation. Green roofs on the other hand, offer amply protection from electromagnetic radiation. They can effectively prevent the radiation from penetrating into your home by nearly 99.5%.

Increased Home Resale Value

FRDfacilitiesAnd finally, having a green roof would make your home look aesthetically pleasing. This would, in turn, increase your home’s resale value in the market significantly down the lane.

Installing a green roof in your home can have many benefits. From reduced energy consumption, extended roof durability, added noise proofing and increased safety from fires and electromagnetic radiation to increased visual appeal and resale value, there are plenty of benefits you can avail by opting for a green roof.

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