Ideas to follow for a more responsible car wash style

With summers approaching, your car may have to cope with the dust, dirt and grime that come with the hot weather. Car wash may be an important aspect to maintain your car, but hosing down the car too frequently can affect the environment adversely, as the spillover contain numerous oil particles, rubber, metals and chemicals used in car cleaning products that end up in lakes, rivers and the ocean to contaminate our natural water resources. Car wash may be a good idea, but not at the cost of environment. Here are some green tips to wash your car.

Professional car wash:

Professional car wash

Getting your car washed at a professional or commercial car wash center is possibly the greenest way to maintain your car. For most of these car washers are accredited by authorities and follow eco-friendly practices to wash your car. Instead of draining the dirty water to natural storm drains, these car washers drain the contaminated water into the sanitary sewer system to protect the natural water resources from pollution.

Use bucket and sponge:

car washing

Instead hosing down your car, you must use a bucket and sponge to wash your car and prevent unnecessary wastage of water. With this, you will not only be able to monitor your water consumption for car wash but also prevent the dirty water from flowing into the storm water drain. You must also keep another empty tub to squeeze contaminants from the sponge that you can pour into your laundry sink, once you are done with the car wash.

Park your car on a natural, permeable surface:

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When washing the car on your own, make sure to park it on a natural, absorbent surface, such as lawn or gravel, so that the chemicals remain on the surface and do not enter the waterways to pollute natural sources of water. This way we can help reduce, if not prevent completely, the pollution and make our car wash at home environmentally friendly.

Add adjustable nozzle to the hose:

nozzle to the hose

If you prefer a hose to a bucket for effective car wash, make sure to add an adjustable nozzle to control the flow water and prevent undue wastage. Adjustable nozzles come with a squeezable trigger to help you reduce, increase or stop the flow of water.

Apart from these measures, you must use environmentally friendly car cleaning products to wash your car, as these products use no or minimal chemicals and help you make your car wash green and sustainable.

Clean cars definitely look good and make a style statement for the car owners, but we must also opt for eco-friendly car wash products and prevent wastage of water to help sustain the environment.

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