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If Six Was 9: A project to turn a converted houseboat factory into the comprehensive studio

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If Six Was 9 – the name sounds amazing but it is not a game of numbers! It is a design project taken up by Brendan Corcoran and Ben McClure in order to help eastern Kentucky’s houseboat industry that has been losing its momentum. This project was handled by the UK College of Design, which focused on developing a livable multifamily unit whose construction could take place in a converted houseboat factory. The result was the beautiful and green studio HBEER. The project design included a multiuse facility with an aim to provide a unique style of living, that is the shared cost living.

If six was 9

HBEER is a multifamily residential structure that has been raised on a plinth, while utilizing the large-size gable roof as its shed. There is an interstitial space that is inserted between the exterior and the interior. The roof, as well as the steel structure of the houseboat factory are utilized in the original manner in order to justify the large design of the whole unit. Further, the design is kept to be environmentally friendly while utilizing the roof for this purpose. It is installed with solar photovoltaic panels in order to harness the sun’s energy to convert it into usable power. The power can then be supplied to all residential units within the studio.

The studio roof also supports a green wall and vertical trellis on the side of the building. This green wall is as much an attraction to the residents as it is for the people outside the studio. This is an eco friendly approach adopted during the construction of studio HBEER. Additionally, there is a heat load reduction system within the building, along with the rainwater collection and cross-ventilation systems. The studio offers furnished residential units of all sizes and with varied number of bedrooms. Also, there are commercial and service areas for further development of non-residential units within the studio. The complete structure is crafted in an amazing manner and looks very stylish from inside and outside, especially when it gets lit-up at night.

Via: Brendan Corcoran

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