9 Budget-Friendly Tips for Renovating Your Green Home

Green Home

So you’ve been living in that same home for quite some years now? Are you bored of living amidst the same interiors for such a long time? Do you wish to remodel your home and give it a whole new look? If ‘yes’ is the answer to all the aforementioned questions, then you’ve landed at the right place. Here are a few tips to help you renovate your home in an eco-friendly yet economical way – yes, we understand how exorbitant a renovation can get. Therefore, we’ve got you some essential tips wherein you can remodel your home without spending much. Read on to find out more.

Learn the ‘reuse and recycle’ mantra.

recycleOne of the eco-friendliest ways to renovate your home is reusing and recycling old products and furniture. Say, for instance, you can remodel your old study table into a nice hanging side shelf. Or you can even make some DIY things out of old couches and sofas.

Go for reclaimed wood.

For center tables and dining tables, you can consider reclaimed wood. This is a great eco-friendly way of installing wooden furniture inside your house. Even for the walls and flooring, reclaimed wood can work wonders. You’ll end up saving your money and time both required to get everything done with new wood.

Buy energy-efficient appliances.


When you go shopping for new home appliances, keep in mind to buy only energy efficient products. They come with a star logo on them. Also, make sure to ask the shop owner about the energy consumption and warranty. Do not settle for cheap products otherwise you’ll have to pay heavy electricity bills, as they consume a lot of energy.

Use your space smartly.

You might want to work on every nook and corner of your house, but first, ask yourself if that’s even needed. Restructure your space keeping in mind how much is needed, and not how much you want. Going overboard with renovations is only going to add up the cost of extra electricity, extra furniture, extra building material and so on. So plan wisely – you could probably think about merging two rooms, like your changing room and closet, into one.

Use eco-friendly paints.


Low VOC paints are quite eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to your family. They are odorless, plaster and acrylic resistant and long lasting, thus remain safe for use even in the kitchen, living room and your kids’ bedrooms.

Sell the ‘not needed’.

Probably, you wish to completely do away with that old center table of yours. Cool enough! But instead of just scraping it away, sell it online or to some organization that takes old furniture. That way you can cash some money to buy your new center table, and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. You may even consider donating your furniture to the underprivileged.

Insulate your home better.


Don’t forget to use high-quality insulation for your home. To protect yourself and your home from outside elements, make sure it’s insulated better. This would help you stay warm inside your house during the winter season and keep the inside environment cool during the summer months.

Consider second-hand products.

Buying pre-owned furniture can be a cost-effective way of renovating your home. You can find such furniture at the same place where you sell your used furniture. Instead of spending a whole lot of money on buying something new, consider buying good quality second-hand products at cheaper rates and save your hard-earned money.

Make way for sunshine.

solar panel

Solar energy is being used widely for a number of purposes. Another way to save on electricity bills and go environment-friendly is to invest in solar panel heating systems. The energy produced from these panels is stored, thus it can be used later. You can also heavily utilize them during winters to keep your house warm. Other than solar panels, you can consider reconstructing your home in such a manner that there’s a way for sunlight to enter your home. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D and would also serve the lighting purpose during the daytime, again saving you some money.

So keep these cost-effective tips in mind and give your home a whole new makeover!

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