Why going organic with skin treatment options makes sense

going organic

A glowing skin is an asset for you in many ways. Your skincare routine must include many products, most of which contain chemicals which are linked to cancer, hormonal imbalance etc. The most dangerous are the parabens which are present in almost all synthetic products. These parabens are absorbed by the body and enter the bloodstream. Organic skin treatment options do not have any chemicals, and they nourish your skin, and even restore the natural beauty of the skin. Some reasons why organic skin treatment product make sense:

Dangers of synthetic and chemicals

Regular drugstore skincare products are loaded with chemicals which are absorbed by the body and cause many problems. If you have been suffering from chronic headaches, it may be because of the chemicals in your personal and skincare items. Hormone disruption, cancers, skin irritation, breathing problems etc. have been linked to chemicals in the products you use regularly, without a thought. Sometimes, they aggravate the very problems you wanted to get rid of, such as sun spots and wrinkles, while making your skin extremely photosensitive.

Products that can help reduce exposure to the sun, such as lovemelanotan, and organic sunscreen will help to reduce sunburns and photosensitivity.

Protect your baby


If you are pregnant and you use non-organic products, you may be affecting the health of your baby in the womb as well. While organic products help to keep children healthy, the toxic chemicals in drugstore products may cause autism, dyslexia, ADHD etc, though it is impossible to know for sure. But then, why take the risk of harming your child?

Organic skin treatment options are nutrient rich

Your skin needs food too, to remain healthy and glowing. Inorganic products just mask your problems, but the nutrition in organic products, such as vitamin A, E and C, help fight free radicals which cause skin aging. They also help to soothe your skin, reduce fine lines, and improve the vitality of your skin.

Whenever you buy any organic product, you should read all the ingredients and select the product which you need the most. For example, choose a product which has more of vitamin A if you have dull, flaky skin. Organic skin treatments which have vitamin C and E will help fight aging, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

You get your money’s worth

going organic

There are many organic products which are affordable and effective. As with the most high end chemical products, there are organic products too which are a little expensive. But look on it as an investment you’re making – you’re treating your skin to pure ingredients which are pesticide and fertilizer free and don’t have any chemical additives as well. It’s money well spent as you would notice the change for the better in your skin, and your skin’s health improves. 

Organic nourishing serums, oils and lotions will improve the quality of your skin when you use them regularly, and you’d have the satisfaction of using products which are good for you and the environment. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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