Environmentally friendly ideas for bathroom vanity lighting

Green is mantra to save our planet and today companies are leaving no stone unturned to help their consumers discover green alternatives to many popular bathroom vanities including lighting techniques. Bathroom is a place that can offer you multiple options to go green like countertops, lighting, fixtures, faucets and more. One can commit to eco living by using eco friendly products made from sustainable materials. Manufacturers are producing products that allow you to redesign them to suit your need with the right style, price, and forward thinking. Listed here are a few eco friendly lighting mechanisms, even for your modern bathroom setups.

Eco friendly bathroom vanity lighting

Save Energy with Florescent Lights

Energy is a very important resource. Conserving energy is an important for you to consider if you want to go green. Eco friendly bathroom lighting models include techniques like adopting florescent bulbs, for instance CFLs and other lighting fixtures that use minimum energy and yet produce higher output in terms of light. CFLs are tiny varieties of full sized strip fluorescent lighting and screw direct into the light fitting. Lasting up to ten times longer than conventional lighting methods, they are four times energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs. These energy saving lights will help you save on your electricity bills and prove to be cost effective in the long run. These energy efficient bulbs can be installed almost anywhere in your bathroom, where ever you are light fittings.

Use Natural Light

An eco friendly bathroom design includes large windows to allow ample natural light in the bathroom. This is an effective way to go green, which does not require any special setup to conserve energy. If you have a huge window that allows sunlight in to the bathroom is a boon for the eco lovers. It requires nil maintenance. You can switch to alternate modes of lighting once the sun sets. Little planning and desire to save our planet can help you make a difference.

Energy star rated lighting

Environment friendly folks can opt to use ENERGY STAR rated lighting fixtures. They help you go green by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and also help you save on cost by reducing your considerably. During their production process, these lighting fixtures need to abide by strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the respective departments of energy in most countries. So it isn’t tough to make your dream bathroom and convert it into an eco-friendly oasis at the same time.

Combination of natural and LED lighting

Eco friendly bathroom lighting can create an atmosphere, which looks luxurious and yet maintain the green space. For you as a nature friendly person, options are not limited to CFLs or energy star rated lighting. You can also consider a combination of natural and LED lighting where you can fill the bathroom with natural light using skylights and use sustainable LED lighting to help you with task lighting for those areas that require additional brightness even on a sunny day. Skylights allow sunbeams to enter the bathroom without hindering privacy; a challenge with large windows for some people. LED lighting is energy efficient and also help to reduce cost at the same time.

Helios lighting

When you want to do your bit in saving the planet, a little change in your style of living can make a huge difference to our mother earth. And what could be a better place to start than bathroom lighting. Today people are thinking of innovative ways to save energy and one of the creative inventions is Helios lighting. This lighting technique can help you save energy and cost. Helios lighting can be customized in terms of finish and stem length. It is available in many styles and colors including its accessories. It bath lighting provides benefits similar to LED lighting.


Today’s bathrooms are unlike traditional bathroom setups, which were a Spartan of space. Luxury is the guiding principle of modern day bathrooms. With the increased awareness about global warming and climate change, all nature lovers are looking for greener options to save energy and reduce their individual carbon footprint in many ways including bathroom lighting setup. Today, eco friendly folk want to pledge their contribution in conserving the natural non renewable resources by opting for newer ways to go green. Choosing from such eco friendly ways of bath lighting can help you contribute your share in saving the planet. These nature friendly techniques will also help you reduce your own electricity bills with minimum effort and yet offer for maximum benefit.

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