5 Sustainable destinations to spend your eco holidays in 2019


The polar vortex had frozen the falls of North America and temperatures there had dipped to -40°C. The effect of the polar vortex was felt across the planet as wintery and foggy days returned in the days of departing winter. So, it’s time for the sunny days. The spring and summer flora seem to be calling and who can stop the happy feet ready to take off any time. Mark out the equatorial, tropical and Mediterranean regions of the world on the globe where tourists flock to enjoy warm eco holidays.

Eco holidays destinations are not only about green tourism

Many destinations in the world are turning into eco-friendly holiday destinations. Not because these countries or places want to just put in place a green tourism policy. But the entire development process in these countries is based on a sustainable model. Rich biodiversity, sanitation and cleanliness, reserved forest areas and green urbanization make these places ideal for green tourism.


SingaporeThe tropical rainforest territory of Singapore is a city island country of South East Asia. It is at a distance of 137 km north from the equator. The country has more or less even climate with temperatures ranging between 22 ° to 35 ° C. The territory of Singapore comprises of one main island and sixty two islets. Singapore is among the most well planned cleanest territories of the world and regarded as a modern urban splendor. Urbanization of Singapore made it loose 95% of old forests. The Singapore government has now made Singapore a sustainable development project.

All development plans in Singapore factors in sustainability calculations and projections. The government of the island country has reserved 10% of territory for natural forestation. The government of Singapore plans to make Singapore a garden city with urban greenery concept. The whole city country is fast becoming popular among eco friendly holiday destinations. Special places of tourist attractions include botanical gardens and UNESCO world heritage site. A hundred and fifty year old tropical garden and gardens at bay are some of the popular tourist attractions.

Cape Town

Cape-TownCape Town is a city in South Africa now becoming popular among the eco holidays destinations. The government of Cape Town is keen on making the city a sustainable city based on sound environmental protection practices. Cape Town is a clean and delightful place for a green holiday. The climate of Cape Town is warm Mediterranean. The summers are dry and winters are moderately wet. Summers are between December to March as the city is in the southern hemisphere where seasons are opposite that of the northern hemisphere. Cape Town has one of the highest biodiversity densities in the world. The city presents a picturesque flora and fauna with vibrant colors.

Cape Town has major natural tourist attractions like Table Mountain, Cape Peninsula, Cape point, beaches. Besides the natural attractions Cape Town also has several cultural and heritage sites very popular among the tourists.


MaldivesMaldives is an Asian country in the Indian Ocean. Its nearness to the equator makes it a warm eco holidays destination. If you are looking for green tourism, then there can be no better place than the Maldives. The Maldives government takes all measures to protect the fragile ecosystem of the archipelago country. The resorts in the Maldives produce own power and water supply systems through environmental friendly sustainable means. Also the resort area on each island of Maldives is restricted to 20% and the rest of the island area is green cover.

In the Maldives, for each island developed for tourism, the other island has to be areserved forest area. Maldivesis warmth, blue clear waters, skies and lush green as far as the eye can travel. Apart from being a dwelling amidst protected nature, Maldives also has several tourist attractions like coral reefs, underwater sceneries for snorkeling and much more.


EcuadorEcuador is another country having proximity to the equator. The South American country is among the seventeen countries in the world withthe highest biodiversity concentration. The country has thousands of species of flora and fauna. The Ecuador government has spelt out clear environmental policies to make the country an eco sustainable haven. While in Ecuador, be amidst the sunshine and greenery and splendid flora and fauna splashed with diverse colors.The government and people of Ecuador are highly protective of the rich natural wealth of the country.

Apart from being a destination for green tourism, the country has manmade and natural UNESCO world heritage sites, such the famous Galapagos Islands, beaches, snowy mountains and cultural tourism destinations.

Fiji Islands

Fiji-IslandsFiji is one of the best archipelago tropical eco holidays destination. The government and people of Fiji are protective of Fiji’s natural wealth. The territory of Fiji comprises 332 islands and 552 islets. 106 islands in Fiji are uninhabited forest land. The climate of this island country is tropical throughout the year. Fiji has a flourishing tourism industry and is among the favored eco friendly holiday destinations of the world. Main tourist attractions of Fiji include islands of Denarau and Mamanuca. Nadi region, coral coasts, coral reefs, sandy beaches, scuba diving are among other popular tourist attractions.

To conclude

Today’s tourist must be an eco tourist. Travelling does have associated carbon footprints, but travelling cannot be given up. The best way oftravelling is going the eco friendly way. Eco conscious governments and publics are adopting green fuel and environmentally friendly means of transportation. While in eco friendly destinations,eco tourists should adopt all means to curtail carbon footprints.

Tourists can choose safe rail transport over airways. E vehicles can be chosen for local short distance transit. Tourists may even choose to walk or cycle around as much as possible along scenic country sides or locales. Visitors in eco friendly destinations should opt for eco friendly stays.Eco tourists and eco holidays destinations complement each other. Both together strengthen the cause of world sustainability.

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