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5 Most common home appliance problems and how to fix them


If you are a seasoned mortgagee or a home- buyer, later or sooner, you are surely going to deal with electrical appliance troubleshooting like either a defunct dishwasher or an overheated cloth iron. Here are some of the most common home appliance problems and how they could be fixed.

Most common home appliance problems and tricks to handle them

Problem 1: Refrigerator leaks water inside

Refrigerator-leaks-water-insideHow to fix it: A broken fridge is among the most common home appliance problems and is a really frustrating affair especially when it comes to a dreaded situation of replacing all the perishable items. If you see water and ice building up the freezer bottom, this means the evaporator has some frozen solid. The fix could be easy in this case. Try out the resetting of defrost timer manually which is located either outside or inside the freezer. If the water is leaking inside the refrigerator, there can be many reasons for that like a clogged drain of freezer or self- defrosting drainage system.

Call the experts: If defrosting or unclogging doesn’t work, then schedule some repair man. Only he has the ability to unclog the drain system completely or may replace the insulation of the refrigerator which got damaged by leaks or other complex fixtures.

Problem 2: Dryer making noise

Dryer-making-noiseHow to fix it: Observe closely if the noise made by the dryer is shaking or vibrating, which means that either your dryer is not in level or the load of laundry is too heavy on it. Both of these problems are easy to fix. Separate the entire load in small batches to make sure that their edges are adjusted evenly at the bottom. A dryer clicks or rattles, means that a small item like a broken zipper or button is caught inside the dryer fins or at the vents. Step by step clear the vent in that case.

Call the experts: If you dry some manageable laundry loads, dryer is at the level and even solid at ground, still the noise could be heard, call a repairman so that he gets up to the root of the problem and make necessary amendments. Humming, grinding and screeching can be best handled by repair men.

Problem 3: Dishwasher does not start

Dishwasher-does-not-startHow to fix it: If your dishwasher is having trouble in starting, check the electric panel of your home before you draft the entire family into a tedious task of hand washing the dishes. If a tripped breaker is found which is among the most common home appliance problems, get back to the kitchen to see if there are other appliances or outlets which are also off.

In case the circuits are share loaded, unplug all the small appliances and reset the breaker. For dishwashers with dedicated circuits, reset the breaker. If there is some power in your dishwasher, you should check if there are no oversized utensils or dishes which could obstruct or block the door due to which the door couldn’t latch properly and it will not start. The next thing to check is whether the timings are set accurately or not. If decayed timings are set accidently, press cancel and reset them.

Call the expert: If the breaker is reset and the dishwasher is again tripping or falling or the door can still not be lashed, reach to the repairman immediately. Any internal damage can only be held by a professional repairman.

Problem 3: TV remote is not working

TV-remote-is-not-workingHow to fix it: A remote if broken means that you are forced to sit at the time of commercial breaks as there is no remote to switch channels. For that you must see if the batteries are properly inserted into it and also there is no blocking item between the TV and the remote. If the batteries are corroded in any case, wear up the protective gloves to remove the batteries. Clean up the surface with a dry and damp cloth using vinegar in small amounts.

Call the experts: Most of us do not possess the qualification of electrical appliance troubleshooting involved in the delicate wirings or circuits inside the electronics. In most of the cases, DIY repair of a remote involves a huge financial cost than buying a new one. But if DIY repair has to be done, firstly ask the satellite TV provider, cable operator or the manufacturer if they have replacement for the faulting part. Or you may purchase universal remotes by adding just a few dollars as per their features and capabilities.

Problem 4: Central AC does not work

Central-AC-does-not-workHow to fix it: The first step is to check the thermostat if it is set at the COOL mode and the switch should be set at Auto or ON. If not, change the settings immediately. If this doesn’t work, check the settings of temperature to see if it’s lower than the room temperature or not. If the temperature is high, lower it down. If none of the trick works, then clean or replace the filters. The filters if dirty inhibit the cool air flow in your homes. Clean filters prevent dust from coming inside and does not let it harm the sensitive parts of the AC. This actually involves the unscrewing of return register grate, though some of the grates may have latches so that they can be turned by hand.

Call the experts: If the above mentioned tricks didn’t work on your AC, and it didn’t resume back to cooling, call a repairman. The most common home appliance problems could be as the fuse is likely to be blown up, or malfunctioning could be there in the blower motor or even the compressor would have got failed.

Problem 5: Ovens may not heat up

Ovens-may-not-heat-upHow to fix it: It could be quite tricky to deal with a malfunctioned oven by any homeowner. It may have problems like light not turning on, wont heat up, or May not self clean. In case of a gas oven, the igniter could be faulty or there could be some issue in the gas line. Or even an electric element could also be damaged.

Call the expert: If the problem persists, call a professional technician to deal up with the same as involving into an unmanned oven could be really dangerous.

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