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5 Examples of recycled shipping pallet architecture

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Recycled shipping pallet architecture

Recycling, reusing and reducing, is the shibboleth of the eco conscious these days. The three R’s are being implied in every possible way and on almost every object. The creative architects and designers are also incorporating the recycled materials in creating brilliant masterpieces. The shipping pallets, which acquire almost half of the total amount of hardwood produce, are thrown away after being used for a single time. The eco conscious designers have used the thrown away wooden pallets to create some marvelous architectural forms. Few of them are listed below.

1. Pupa Pavilion

Pupa Pavilion

Called as ‘Pupa’, Liam Hopkins of Lazarium has designed this extraordinary pavilion for the Bloomberg Philanthropy offices in Bloomberg. The designer was prompted by the spider webs, bee hives and the weaver birds’ nests and was instigated to create this tunnel like pavilion. The name ‘pupa’ was given to this amazing pavilion showing a dedication to the insects. The large marquee is entirely constructed out of recycled waste materials that constitute wooden shipping pallets, cardboard and other waste. This sinful artifact was a part of a larger art commission, “Waste Not Want It” that encouraged people to reuse the waste and create marvelous art pieces out of it. The shipping pallets and cardboard waste arrived as bales which was pulped and reconstituted in a local factory. A total of 3972 triangular cardboard units were used to make the frame of the pavilion. The chairs and tables kept inside the pavilion are also made of these recycled wooden pallets. Along with reusing enormous cardboard and wooden pallets, the Pupa Pavilion has also created an elegant and calm meeting arena utilizing the ‘sound’ acoustics of the wood.

2. Matthias Loebermann’s Pallet Pavillion

Matthias Loebermann’s Pallet Pavillion

The beautiful pavilion pictured above was designed and established in 2005, by Germany based renowned architect, Matthias Loebermann. The name of the pavilion, Palettenpavillon, itself suggest that the structure is made out of shipping pallets. The designer created this sustainable installation for the Nordic Alpine SKI World Championship held in Oberstdorf, Germany. The temporary pavilion was made out of 1300 shipping pallets. The cave like pavilion is ‘characterized by the complex geometry of open and closed surface portions’ of the shipping pallets giving a net like structural effect when each unit is orderly placed. Tie rods and pull straps were used to keep them together. This sustainable structure that re purposed discarded shipping pallets stands, 6 meters high, 18 meters long and 8 meters wide. The pavilion was used as a meeting place and media room by the competitors of the ski championship. The firm structure that assembled easily was dismantled after its construction purpose was over. Not only this, the material that was used for the construction was further recycled.



The unique proposal of the AME-LOT building was put forward by the Malka architects of France. The building is entirely green as the only construction material used for this student residence of Rue Amelot in Paris, France, is the recycled shipping pallets and there has not been any kind of disturbance in the environment as the older building has not been demolished. The duo of architect Alice Barrois and graphic designer Tristan Spell has reused the dumped shipping pallets of different shapes and sizes to create this weird structure. These pallets could be easily restyled accordingly and were attached together by long hinges. The entire building has made use of reclaimed wooden pallets which would otherwise be laying waste in landfills.

4. London’s Jellyfish Theatre

London’s Jellyfish Theatre

Designed and fabricated by the German architect Martin Kaltwasser the Jellyfish theatre is constructed entirely out of junk. The green theatre is situated in a south London playground. The material used for constructing this sustainable theatre is the debris collected from timber yards, construction sites and shipping pallets. Even the locals gave away their used wooden planks which would otherwise have occupied the landfill area. The theatre has a comfortable space for 120 audiences and comprises of fire and safety regulations. Eco-themed plays, namely, Oikos and Protozoa were played in this green theatre. Once dismantled, the reused pallets can be further recycled.

5. Pallet House

Pallet House

The ‘pallet house’ pictured above, is a magnificent creation of two of the students from University of Vienna, namely Schnetzer Andreas Claus and Pils Gregor. This modular prefab house is actually constructed out of several recycled shipping pallets. This environmental friendly house is very comfortable and cozy, strong and durable and also quite economical. This eco house was actually fabricated for Gaudi European student competition, held in 2008, where it took the first place. Although constructed of recycled material, this house is designed for a modern urban lifestyle. Not only this, the 800 wooden pallets used in the construction of this 60 square meters house, can be further recycled.

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