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5 Easily harvested sources of renewable energy

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The conventional sources of energy were considered to be highly unstable and polluting for our mother nature and there were no ways that time to get rid of these sources of energy. But with the rapid development of the green energy, the world saw a hope to get over these conventional sources of energy. The green energy or the renewable sources of energy when came into existence were considered to be the best alternative to these conventional sources of energy and thus become popular for its green nature. These renewable sources of energy were a bit costly and required high skills and high maintenance at the time it came into existence. But now the technology has completely changed the meaning of the harnessing energy out of these renewable sources and made it so easy that a common man these days can easily produce energy out of this renewable source of energy.

There are plenty of such easy ways but few of them are really effective. So here we are with a list of five easily harvested sources of renewable energy. Have a look.

1. Saltwater power

The saltwater power was known until the scientists came up with their stunning research and identified that these saltwater can be easily utilized to generate considerable amount of energy out of it. This process is called as the saltwater power and is also known as osmotic power or blue energy. It derives its name as blue energy as it is generated out of oceans. This energy is considered to be one of the most promising energy in the latest development. We all know the process of desalination and the energy required to perform the operation. Now the process can be reversed and it would ultimately yield us considerable amount of energy.

2. Helioculture

This project is something that is so creative and is considered to yield high amount of energy by just simple process. This concept was given by Joule Biotechnologies and was named as helioculture. This process is known for generating the hydrocarbon-based fuel which is obtained by combining the brackish water, nutrients, CO2 and sunlight in particular proportions. This process is highly stable is completely non polluting as it makes use of organic stuffs. The helioculture process generates the fuel directly out of the composition and yields fuel in the form of ethanol or hydrocarbons. The ethanol produced out of the helioculture process utilizes the photosynthesis process to produce the easy and ready to use fuel.

3. Piezoelectricity

The piezoelectric process is considered to be one of the most effective and easy ways of using the renewable source of energy to produce considerable amount of energy. This cool concept just requires the human mechanical power to produce energy. With a population of over 7 billion, it is quite easy to make energy using the piezoelectric material. These materials produce energy when human mechanical power is applied to them and the best way of using it is placing on the rods or the most happening places. When people walk over these piezoelectric materials, there is considerable change in structure which produces considerable amount of energy.

4. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

This form of energy came into existence long back but is not utilized on a large scale for its costly and high maintenance properties. The OTEC plant makes use of the ocean energy to convert it into considerable amount of energy. We all know the power of ocean and the energy that resides inside it which just needs to be utilized in a right way. So this is the project used these days and has gained popularity for the new technologies involved to harness the ocean thermal energy. This energy can be easily tapped by using the various building platforms and taking the advantage of the thermal layers found in between the ocean depths.

5. Human sewage

Now this is something quite easy and does not require any particular skills to do so. The human waste, according to the latest research, can be effectively utilized to generate energy out of it. So now we all have become a source of production of green energy by just the process we follow every day morning. The fuel energy and the electrical energy can be harnessed out of the human sewage by using methods like bio electrochemical systems. By using these systems, the energy can be taken out of the sewage by using bacteria’s along with the sewage. This yields considerable amount of energy and is being adopted in countries like Norway.

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