Eco-friendly esthetic a hit with fans of vegan handbags

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No leather- this is the like the motto of the Matt and Nat handbags because the creators of these bags really care for nature. Matt and Nat came into being in the year 1995 and today it has grown and has definitely created a stir in the fashion market. These bags lack no where in style and still have an upper side that they are made from anything but leather. This is definitely wonderful news for everyone and particularly for those who love nature and their commitment to be eco-friendly.


Nature is the inspiration behind Matt and Nat and it clearly shows in their methods and designs. Matt and Nat are definitely much more than manufacturing eco-friendly bags for the people as they also consider saving nature as their social responsibility. Exploration is another driving force that keeps Matt and Nat alive and makes them what they are today. Their eagerness to explore the eco-friendly fabrics on a whole new degree has given them some extraordinary ideas. Matt and Nat feature not one but two collections and another noteworthy fact about their handbags is that the interior of the bags is created from recycled plastic bottles. When Inder Bedi thought about manufacturing vegan handbags way back in the year 1995 then there were very less supporters for this idea. It is not surprising as back then not enough knew the meaning of the word vegan and bags sans leather was not an everyday thing for them. But things are a lot different now so let us discuss what happened in between then and now to understand Matt and Nat in a better way.

[box_dark]Matt and Nat: it all started with a university project[/box_dark]

Yes that is absolutely right; Inder Bedi thought of Matt and Nat as a part of his business plan which was a part of the project he had to do. When he put forward his ideas there was hardly any takers for them as no one understood the concept of vegan and Inder Bedi got not even one person who would fund his business proposal. Although that definitely did not stop Inder Bedi from doing what he did, and thank god for that! Why wouldn’t anyone lend finance to the business proposal is still the question that remains unanswered so when it was asked to Inder then he said that banks at that time would consider two enterprises quite risky to invest and fashion was one of them plus his idea of vegan handbags was almost like an alien invasion at that time.

In spite of zero supporters Inder kept moving forward with his plan and he felt content and satisfied with what he was doing. If there is a will there is a way- this saying stands right in the case of Inder Bedi as he worked in a firm in order to finance Matt and Nat. When Inder was done with his very first set of bags he took them to market and sold them out of his car. It was definitely a tough start for Matt and Nat but today it is definitely under the spot light and there is a huge audience who love the collection of bags not only because they are eco-friendly but also because they are extremely stylish. Matt and Nat has totally earned the limelight it is enjoying today and Inder Bedi’s idea to create vegan handbags sans leather and other animal products sounded absurd at first but it definitely sounds exciting and useful now.


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