4 Easy steps to make an eco friendly shopping bag

Do you want to go green while picking your favorite items during shopping? Just discard your plastic shopping bag and switch to an eco-chic one. Here are a few simple and easy steps to make an eco-friendly shopping bag:

Things you will need:


  • Cotton denim (non-stretchable) Poplin – 1 meter or 1 yard (it should be of moderate weight)
  • Twill – 112.5 centimeter or 45 inches in width
  • Heavy-duty thread or regular (all-purpose) thread (depending upon the types of the sewing machine)
  • A high-quality sewing machine
  • A couple of sharp sewing needles (hand needles are the best)
  • A measuring tape
  • A few pins
  • An iron
  • A pair of scissors

Steps to Follow:                                            

Twill is the most widely used fabric used for making eco-friendly shopping bags. It is a light-weight polished cotton and using the aforementioned width of the fabric will help you make the most of it. Choose the color of the thread as per your wish. It can be either a matching one or a contrasting one. Follow the step-by-step procedure to prepare an earth-friendly yet trendy shopping bag:

Twill Fabric

  • Cutting the Twill:It is the first step of the process and you need to be extremely careful during this. A total of 5 pieces should be cut out from the twill in order to make sure that no or least fabric is wasted. For the body part of the bag, a piece of (60 cm X 105cm) is taken out. 3 strap pieces need to be cut out from the twill. One of them can be of (10 cm X 105 cm) while each of other two might be of (10 cm X 90 cm). A pocket of (20 cm X 20 cm) is also need to be slashed out from the twill.
  • Preparing the Strap:Create a large ring-like shape by sewing the two (10 cm X 90 cm) strap pieces. At first, press the seams in such a way that they remain open. Then, fold the strap lengthwise and iron it carefully. Once again, fold the strap so that it becomes half in length and sew across the edge of the ‘ring’. Finally, use the pin to mark the mid-point of the strap.
  • Preparing the Body:Take the body piece cut out of the twill and double-fold it for twice. At the same time, take the piece of fabric intended for designing the pocket and double-fold it too. You also need to fold the bottom of the pocket and press it firmly.


  • Sewing the Bag: Sew the two edges of the body fabric first. Next, sew the top ridge of the pocket in such a way that it is placed at the centre onto the ‘body’ of the bag. Similarly, sew the bottom ridge of the pocket too. It is time to make the straps stronger. So, sew all around them at least thrice. At last, reverse the bag to bring the inner part out and press the seams properly.

So, your eco-chic grocery bag is ready now!Pin It

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