Best of 2011: Sustainable masterplans for green cities of the future

Nowadays, everything is about renewable energy sources and greener lifestyles. People are looking out for homes in eco friendly neighborhoods that have facilities which contribute towards greener lifestyles. There are some housing community projects that are yet to be implemented, but are designed for the purpose of greener communities. These designs have been made for the comfort of all the economic and social levels within the society and have also incorporated community centers like hospitals, schools, libraries, office buildings and so on. Here is a list of five such designs which have been planned.

1. Tian Yi Town Master Plan

Tian Yi Town Master Plan

It is very difficult to plan a housing community in the wetlands. But, the town of Tian Yi makes it look like living in wetlands is very comfortable. It has been designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. The housing community plan integrates a self-sustenance hub that includes natural vegetation, a wetland design and a canal system. The plan includes three zones, which gives the design sustenance and the required shape. The three zones consist of outer ring, which has dense vegetation and wetlands, inner ring, which consists of place for social activities and community services and the central zone, has a great garden for all relaxation activities. The buildings within the community are designed in a zigzag manner in order to make the best use of natural ventilation and heat. On these wet lands, the design also includes schools, hospitals, library and any other facility that is required for people to live in the community. Since this is going to be constructed on wetlands, there will be provisions for rainwater harvesting. As per the plan, people from all the levels of income will be able to enjoy residing at the Tian Ti Town.

2. Kubota & Bachmann Architects unveil sustainable masterplan for Niderfeld, Switzerland

Kubota & Bachmann's masterplan

This is a state owned under-developed area that is about to under go the process of urban and social development. Kubota and Bachman Architects have designed a plan called Europan-10 that helps in exploring the greener possibilities of the area and also to harness the resources available. The entire design that includes the volume of the area, the pattern, housing, public utility space and landscaping has been planned in order to advocate greener lifestyle. The main idea here is to have people from all diverse backgrounds, cultures, economic and socioeconomic backgrounds unified. The common areas will include park and a playground, a lawn and a fountain suitable for all the levels of the society. In order to make every home unique, the buildings are going to be designed by other architects based on the owner’s choice.The proposal is to make all the buildings of the urban composition in wood. The roof will be designed to have solar panels and also organic garden which supports green eco-system. In order to keep the crowd away from the residential areas, the proposed idea is to make organic gardens of around 25-30 m size and also to demarcate them from the roads.

3. Masterplan for Nanjing, China by CK Designworks

Masterplan for Nanjing

Although it is an ambitious proposal, CK Designworks have designed a grand plan of a 20 sqkm city in the Pukou district in Nanjing. It plans to house a population of two million and also include industrial and commercial areas. The design will include the Chinese cultural elements and plans to showcase a Chinese way of life. The design has ten very important structures which includes a 5-star hotel that will achieve the highest certifications of LEED.

4. Masterplan for Penglai

Masterplan for penglai

This is one of the hottest destination for domestic tourism in China. So, in order to cash on the new interest, Penglai is being planned to allocate the reserve lands and also develop it for holiday homes. The firm that has designed this idea is the Arcas Europe. They have planned to have a golf course, a tennis complex and also adopt the ECC approach. By designing the city through ECC model, the firm is making an attempt to balance the economic and social sustainability of Penglai. The green architectural design for the city is to keep the Marina town as the center and have many small neighborhoods all around it. This will have around 60,000 housing units that includes cottages, flats, courtyard homes and terrace homes.

5. Dongxin St. Conceptual Master Plan

Dongxin St. Conceptual Master Plan

The master design is for the re-development of the Central Business District of Kunshun by Dongxin St. The site will mainly be responsible for protecting and promoting the key canal systems and also enhancing it. It will also make use of renewable energy sources. This site will mainly be dedicated to activities relating to leisure. In order to make this site a redeveloped and sustainable one and also a river front site, Boyd designed a plan where, one-third of the river front will be used for recreational purposes and the remaining for economic and financial purposes like office and commercial buildings. The entire site will sustain on renewable energy resources.

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