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Best of 2011: Eco friendly skyscrapers

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With worldwide population on the rise, the need for developing innovative ways for living has become a necessity for covering up little space for the earth to be shared by existing animals living on it. Living in apartments in towering structures is one such technique which was an apprentice thought. Today is the age of skyscrapers. Here is a list of 10 best eco friendly skyscrapers that have been designed this year.

1. Eco Skyscraper concept:

Eco Skyscraper concept

India based architect, Vikas Pawar has designed an Eco Skyscraper concept that will help in keeping the environment green and clean. Planned to be erected at Noida, this concept comprises of two towers in spiral shape which are connected via sky bridges. This self-sufficient concept will harness energy via wind and sun. Wind energy coupled with solar energy will turn these towers eco friendly. The structure will also allow residents to grow their own food. Eco Skyscraper will open out space for numerous activities and offer areas for commercial activities, offices and dwellings. This concept is a step ahead for providing a greener and cleaner abode which will help to save precious resources.

2. Brooklyn mixed-use aggregation skyscraper:

Brooklyn mixed-use aggregation skyscraper

This concept is not something entirely new as it has been around for some time. It refers to usage of single integrated building as well as complex of inter related buildings for multiple purposes like working, sleeping and eating. The project conceptualized in Brooklyn is being envisioned for Williamsburg. On the whole, the project will serve as a model for mixed-use building comprising of work, live as well as play areas all through the entire building.

3. Kinetower:

KinetowerThis skyscraper is aptly described as ambitious, astute and advanced. The literally metamorphic habitat will expand as per the amount of the sunlight. This building will be instilled with intelligent and flexible exterior openings which can open up and bloat depending on the intensity and availability of natural sunlight thereby acting like energy regulators. This required technology is presently in the development stage yet people are eagerly looking forward to this deftly designed building for literally breathing and reacting in effect in harmony with the immediate climatic conditions.

4. Tree of Life:

Tree of LifeThis skyscraper has been designed as self-reliant ecosystem where inhabitants can both live and work. Having the look of a tree, the base or root will comprise of a power station to produce geothermal energy together with a water purification plant underground. Its stem or main body will be instilled with two different but intertwined building materials for structural stability. The entire building will feature several overhanging pods such as terraces that function as agricultural greenhouses. It will also integrate wind turbines and solar panels for fresh energy generation.

5. Tour Végétale de Nantes:

Tour Végétale de NantesNantes so far remained tourists’ favourite for their strong cultural history. One more feather will soon be added to the cap of the city with a huge tower at the city to display every type of live plants which will grow within the crevices of the building brought from across the world. This goal is for making skyscrapers green places for living and thereby making them far more delightful for people’s living. Architect Edouard Francois has undertaken this project for Nantes city’s neighbourhoods. The main highlight of this building is its built-in mechanism to grow plants. Claude Figureau, famous botanist is working on the project in association with the architecture company.

6. Voronoi Skysraper:

Voronoi SkysraperThis ambitious concept made it to the final of eVolo Skyscraper competition 2011. The grand proposal designed by Andre Serpa, Egle Bazaraite, Daupias Alves, Marco Braizinha and Jutta Rentsch aims to include within its confines a city-scape’s total magnitude. It will feature a well-organized zoning pattern with its chief circulation area of commerce, offices, transportation and entertainment being limited to its central portion. The main construction element will be concrete and steel while the exteriors will be constructed with steel frames.

7. Vincent Callebaut’s Zero Carbon Biotic-Arch:

Zero Carbon Biotic-ArchThe Biotic Arch designed by Vincent Callebaut will be the greenest skyscraper proposal seen as part of Taichung Active Gateway City. Having numerous vertical gardens and living facades, the tower appears as a giant bush receiving all their electricity from solar, wind and bio energy sources. It has been designed as a bridge between a greener, newer lifestyle, culture along with respect for biodiversity and Taichung’s historical legacy. With population of the city likely to grow in coming years, a clever proposal like this is likely to help people get used to the changes which are sure to occur with said growth.

8. Bosco Verticale:

Bosco Verticale

This fascinating project already touted as first vertical forest of the world is not just a mere concept yet about to be built realistically in Milan itself. This mega project has been termed as metropolitan reforestation. These towers will bridge the spatial and symbolic link between city and nature. They will serve as bastion of regeneration and reforestation merged in one singular entity. It will also function as a structural tool for the contemporary European cities environmental survival. Envisaged as self-sustaining system, the Bosco Verticale will enhance, recover as well as produce energy.

9. Edifici Sphere:

Edifici Sphere

This concept skyscraper is hundred stories tall and is a sphere inside a sphere. Its size will be as big as that of a township. The space between the spheres comprises of huge open public areas. This is nothing less than a dream and has been created with intrinsic flexibility for suiting specific needs.

10. Artificial Island Skyscraper:

Artificial Island SkyscraperThis floating habitable structure has been designed by architect Aleksander Krasinski keeping in mind the dangers of global warming as well as climate change. The idea is creating an artificial island having enough infrastructures for sustaining human living. The habitat will have their own sea ports, office spaces, an airport, garden, public areas among others. It will also establish an independent nation having its own government and set of laws. This concept as per the architect is an answer for rising sea water and high taxes.

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