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12 easy eco-friendly DIY tricks to save money at home

by Ecofriend1874

You must have heard the latest trend- go green and you have to admit that this one is definitely a winner and the one to stick to. Going green has many advantages that apply to the user as well as to the environment and hence if you try and adopt the green living or environment friendly methods at your home then you will only be happy. Another thing to understand is that you can go green with only some minor changes in your lifestyle and you surely do not have to turn your life upside down for attaining the green living methods. Here are some tips that are easy to follow and they are environment friendly without any doubt.

  1. You can utilize the very easily available vinegar to create stains on the wood and these will be totally non-toxic stains.
  2. Another handy tip to have a more greener and safe home is to shorten the dryer vent hoses which most of the times are longer that they require being. These extra long dryer vent hoses pose a threat for fire in the house therefore the best option is to keep them straight.
  3. Vinegar can be used for many different purposes and it is an excellent product as it is reasonable and a powerful cleaning component which can literally clean anything and leave your home sparkling. You can make a perfect cleaner for your home which will be non toxic plus will clean really well. You have to mix together vinegar and orange peels and you are good to go.
  4. The heat beaming from the not covered water pipes can lead to a lot of energy wastage and you can stop it by using pipe insulation which is easy to install and can be easily obtained.
  5. You can use all natural things to dye your clothes such as red cabbage and spinach and get even more spectacular results.
  6. You can now bid goodbye to the fire starters from the market as you can make natural fire starters at your home with the help of pine cones, candle wax, your favorite essential oils and twine.
  7. Eliminate the weeds in the yard in a non toxic manner with the help of cornmeal, vinegar and hot water.
  8. Make your room smell great by using natural scented candles and scents that can be conveniently created at home and you can choose your favorite scent.
  9. Use wool balls as a great alternative to dryer sheets as wool balls do the same job but in an environment friendly manner.
  10. You can now easily get rid of the ice gathered on your car by a home made spray of white vinegar and water with three parts of the former and one part of the latter.
  11. Install good quality water filters in your houses and avoid using bottled water for drinking purposes.
  12. This tip is a bit tedious but has a lot of advantages as by using it you will save a lot of energy and the tip is to do most of the kitchen work by hand rather than using those little electrical appliances.

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