10 sustainable homes with zero energy attributes

In this modern world, the cost of electricity is increasing day by day. If you are tired and frustrated of paying those high bills, it’s time to get an interesting change in your life. Start searching for the energy efficient houses.These homes are equipped with energy generating equipments which in turn reduces your electricity bill. Let us go through some of the zero energy houses:

Lumenhaus home

This house is a project of Virginia Tech University. The house is of 800 Sq-ft, one bedroom and an open floor architecture which can be extended. The house is powered by the electricity generated from the solar panels which are on the roof of the house. About 15 percent of energy is generated with the help of these panels. The Eclipsis System invented by the same institute, monitors the weather and automatically decides the inclinations of the shading system. Aerosol walls allow solar light to enter in the house during day time and stops the winter cold.

Dow Chemical Company zero energy home

The house situated at Bay City, Michigan is introduced and invented by The Cobblestone Homes and Dow Chemical Company. It gets all energy from the solar panels and the new solar shingles which are developed by Dow fitted all over the house. The temperature control is done through geothermal heat pumps. Dow is really a vision zero house as you can not only use all modern facilities from developed energy but you can also sell the extra part.

Solar Decathlons Sustainable House in Ithaca

In New York, this house rocks as it uses many different ways of energy efficiency. It includes single room architecture and features photovoltaic systems, rainwater recycling, solar thermal system, low to no-VOC materials and structural insulated panels. The house was developed to take part in a competition held by the Department of Energy, Cornell University.

Samsung C&T zero-energy House

Samsung recently announced to develop the zero energy house at Yongin, Gyeonggi. It is dubbed as Green Tomorrow. The house is equipped with 68 energy generating or saving equipments. According to the company, the architecture of house reduced about 66 percent of energy consumption and rest 34 percent was gained by the installed solar panels. Three layered windows technology has also been used here.

Floating House Powered by the Sun and Sea

This house is designed for Mediterranean Sea and is near an Island namely Greek Zante. The house is equipped with eco friendly and energy generating equipments. Its orientation reduces the use of energy. Other specifications include tidal energy system, water distillation system, water recycling and a high tech system for shading purpose.

Modern Beach Home by Zero Energy Design

Truro Residence located in Truro, is 6,200 Sq-ft in area. The dwelling is certified by The Energy Star. Some important specifications of this house are a geothermal well and a photovoltaic system. All extra energy produced by the renewable energy generating systems will be transferred back to the grid.

Microsoft Home

After leading in software world, Microsoft is trying its skills in user friendly and environment friendly living places. It has designed a 100 percent solar energy based house, situated near Las Vegas. The planning is going on for developing these houses in numbers. The most important thing to note is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for electricity.

Zero Energy Home in Kuala Lumpur

Bird Island, a project going on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia includes the silicon glass fabric to make zero energy houses. The lightness and flexibility of this material will allow you to live like birds using natural resources. It includes gray water recycling system and is made of bamboo. This material reflects the sun rays and heat, so there is no need of an air conditioner.

Self powered House by Specht Harpman

Specht Harpman is an architectural designing firm. It introduced this plan on zero energy houses few years ago. The house includes space for 4 adults to live and is equipped with LED lights and solar power generators, and uses reverse osmosis process for waste management.

UT Knoxville self-sufficient house

The blend of information technology, solar energy, energy efficient building materials and sustainable home design resulted in UT Knoxville, a Zero Energy house also known as Living Light. It is combined project of University of Tennessee, College of Engineering and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and many other College of Architectures.

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