Spectacular green structures soaring in to the blue!

There is nothing more wonderful and satisfying than compiling a top 10 list of something that you really like and have great variety to choose from. (Maybe there are more ‘satisfying’ things to do, but not here). So once again we get back to the job of picking and choosing and making sure that the best make the list. What makes this list all the more special is the simple fact that we had so much available on hand and so many green structures to choose from that you could almost make another list of 10 totally different green structures which are equally compelling. So without anymore ‘blah’, let’s just get to the 10 that rule…

Wind Powered rotating towers of Dubai

This is quite simply the definitive best when it comes to spectacular green designs that are destined to change the face of the planet and the course of our future. Dubai is already home to the most spectacular towers possible, but when this wind-powered rotating skyscraper designed by Dr. David Fisher is complete, it will surely steal the spotlight. The structure twirls around and uses wind and solar energy to produce power that is sufficient to power another 5 skyscrapers along with itself. The fact that each floor on this tower spins around independently make the Spinning wind tower a freaking awesome green wonder!

Fog Tower on the edge of Atacama

There are few who might even think of early morning fog as anything beyond a bit of an inconvenience while driving, but not to the creative genius of Alberto Fernandez and Susana Ortega. Designed like a magical tower, the Fog Tower absorbs and channels water from its mist enshrouded environs. This pristine helical structure would allow for the development of a sustainable agriculture environment at the edge of the Atacama Desert. The structure looks magical and it looks at making the impossible possible. The Fog Tower tells us that we can dream of a green tomorrow and do it in a magnificent way.

Bahrain World Trade Center with Integrated Turbines

Green architecture is not just something that is built from nothing, but a way of integrating green solutions with the present structures, Nothing symbolizes this more than the Bahrain world trade center towers. The Bahrain World Trade Center made history as its pioneering wind turbines turned together for the first time. Supposed to be the first to be integrated on a commercial establishment, they are expected to generate 11 to 15 percent of the whole structure’s power. The three 29m-diameter turbine blades on Bahrain’s iconic landmark are expected to operate approximately 50% of the time. Changes are due and they are going to be fine tuned to produce more energy than now, but the Bahrain Towers are surely trend-setters.

Kuala Lumpur green masterpieces mimicking marine life

Kuala Lumpur is all set to get an absolute architectural delight with spectacular and stunning green structures that will be built for the Putrajaya waterfront known as Precinct 4, just 30km south of Kuala Lumpur. The design is special with green features and amazing architectural splendour inspired by marine life. For Precinct 4, the Italian firm brought sustainable strategies like terraces, sunshades, natural ventilation and integrated green space into the design. TheKuala Lumpur buildings will source from alternative energy and are expected to produce 50% less CO2 emissions than similar residential projects.

Moscow’s Lord Foster green structure

The British architect’s £2bn “city within a city”, Crystal Island, will be built on the banks of the Moscow River, with a total floor area of 2.5m square metres, making it the largest enclosed space ever to be constructed. The structure is truly a city within a city truly and is a green space that is filled with splendour and amazing green facilities. Crystal Island’s steel mega frame is to feature a “smart skin” to buffer against extreme temperatures and is expected to contain 3,000 hotel rooms, 900 apartments and a school for 500 pupils. It truly is Moscow’s green city!

Madrid’s Green abode producing oxygen and power

The new Municipal Pool Cover Soto del Real in Madrid is blessed with a spectacular green structure that produces both fresh air and plenty of energy using the plants and the solar panels that flood the entire place and make it a green heaven. It is the Lorenzo Alonso Architects that have made this green structure possible. The land on which the project is located has an area of more than 8,000 square meters and the Madrid green home is truly the heart of an entire green eco-system.

Singapore’s sustainable eco-complex

Singapore is known for its amazing structures and astonishing space design and the newly planned green complex is only going to add a jewel to the crown. Foster + Partners the UK-based firm is leaving no stone unturned to make good use of alternative energy sources in this 150,000 square meter mixed-use project. The complex will be blessed with sustainable energy, recycling means and natural ventilation making it the new cool place in Singapore.

New York’s Gym on the waves

Human-Powered Gymnasium that dances on the waves and is powered by your sweat and your abs-crunching and muscle flexing energy- that is pretty much the concept that is going to drive this gym on waves. Designed with both amazing style and plenty of imagination, this futuristic gym might be our first step to one day shifting our lives from land to water and doing that completely. If you are around New York then the Gym on the waves is the place to sweat it out!

Nano Vent-Skin: A building that cleans its own air

The Nano Vent-Skin is a zero-emission material that takes a tri-partite approach towards energy efficiency. First, it soaks up sunlight via a photovoltaic layer, and transfers energy via nano-wires to storage units at the end of each panel. Second, its tiny turbines employ “polarized organisms” to create chemical reactions, generating power each time the turbine makes contact with the structure. Third, the organisms present in the inner skin of each turbine soak up C02. In short, here is a building that cleans itself up and that makes Nano Vent pretty cool.

German Reichstag

The German Reichstag is expected to become the greenest parliament building in the world, thanks to a decision to rely solely on renewable energy. From late summer the building is due to swap to green power sources such as water, wind and solar energy, replacing the conventional power that it has largely relied upon until now. While it may not be as spectacular as the other 9 on this list, the fact that a symbol of power is taking up such responsibility gets the green message across loud and clear.

There is the 10 and you pick yours from all that you would find here and let us know!

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