10 Innovative products made from old computer parts

Space Tunnel

Innovation is ubiquitous. Isn’t it? The distinct factor is how we see it and how we are accustomed to it. It is there in every product/thing we see irrespective of its usability and durability. Since the evolution of mankind, the humans developed to use materials around them in an innovative manner. Over the period they made it possible referring to the prehistoric people using the burnout of fire to paint on walls or current day’s recycling of any product. This article brings you 10 such innovative ideas to design a creative product out of your old computer parts:

1. Seeder

Turn greener in every step in this highly needed eco-friendly era. If you are envisaging throwing the used keyboard, kindly hold on for a moment as it may be the starting point to make you a seeder. Dust up the old keyboard to place a piece of paper in between only to fill up with soil. Why soil? Well, a good question indeed, without soil how we plant seeds into it to make the most out of used keyboard. As your typing partner is symmetrically designed with the perfect placement of keys horizontally, avail it as a seeding starter.

2. Mechanical Clock

Fond of decorating your personal space with mechanical objects? Then, trying out something innovative with a trash hard disk will definitely help you out. Using the clock functionality of hard disk and some other miniature accessories and mirror finished disk platter, one can create all-visible clock suitable to innovatively edged room.

3. Pen/Pencil box

One of the easiest ways to utilize old computer parts innovatively is to design a pen or pencil box out of PCBs and used floppy disk sets. Make the most out of your used computer. Take out PCBs and cut them according to preferred size. Then with fevi-stick, club them together to look like a pen or pencil block.

4. Shoe

A shoe out of Old computer parts? Perhaps, it wouldn’t have been believable if the giant sport shoe manufacturer Nike did not make it. Nike sometime back came up with an exclusive idea of making old computer parts into a comfortable shoe tapping the requirement of innovation at par excellence. Using all the remains of motherboard, chipsets, USB ports and of course the keyboard buttons (for the name) and wires as shoe laces; Nike made an innovative shoe design out of old computer parts.

5. Aquarium

With an impeccably finished glass and waxing work inside, we can make our old CPU cabinet as a fish paradise. Split up the CPU as two parts, bottom part is to place motors required for pumping oxygen and the top one for a fish bay. Make the fish live in a hi-fi environment.

6. Modern art

Banking on the infinite boundary levels of creativity, anything which is assembled creatively to resemble a thought is called a modern art. So why can’t we try out something like that with old computer parts. Take a frame and necessary tools to fix the miniature accessories of CPU and motherboard along with the labyrinth wire section to create something innovative. Who knows, it may even become an antique. Don’t forget to frame it, otherwise which the art may prone to get disassembled. If possible, take inspiration from Graham Hellewell’s layered art work.

7. Space Tunnel

Faith Pearson to make the world awakened to his innovative concept has created a Space Tunnel out of used printer cartridges. He made a hexagonal tunnel made out of printer cartridges and placed a robotic kind of toy into it to give a feel of an astronaut swaying inside the tunnel. Likewise, we can create our CPU box a mini space craft.

8. Electric Guitar

We have PCBs of different sizes to be a guitar sculpture; we have enough cable to tap the needy guitar strings; and we have motherboards come in handy for string tapper. Aren’t they enough to make an electric guitar which is of course for a showcase purpose?

9. A Photo frame

Especially in the age of sleek and slim LCD / LED monitors, a photo frame made out of monitors isn’t a bizarre concept. What else we can do with a thrash LCD monitor? Of course, we cannot throw it into a dustbin. If not a photo frame, make it a painting stand adjusting the angle of surface.

10. Mailbox

Don’t even think of the mailbox in Yahoo. With the technological revolution we tend to think everything in terms of internet. Here we meant to say, Mailbox outside the home. With an used CPU, we can create a mailbox for all the letters we get though it’s hard to see receiving letters these days.

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