10 Innovative ideas to make your restaurant sustainable


Gone are the days when the chef of a restaurant would prepare the menu as per his likings. In such troubled times customers too are more concerned and conscious than before. They care about the food source, food quality and whether their meal caused any environmental problems. It is a time when everyone should do their bit for the environment and as an owner or a restaurant owner you must play your part as well. So in this article we will be giving you some ideas to make your restaurant sustainable.

 Some innovative ideas to make your restaurant sustainable

  1. Cook seasonal products:
    Cook seasonal productsYour customers are aware of what is seasonal so there is little point in trying to mislead them here. Frozen, processed and food from the cold storage won’t impress anyone and will not be appreciated. It is also cheaper to procure seasonal fruits vegetables and even certain seasonal fish. It will also be rich in taste and flavor and definitely surpass your frozen goods. So be the valuable change that you want to see. Serve Tuna and salmon when it is the season when you can get it fresh.
  2. Grow your own food: Among the latest sustainability trends few things are more appreciated than having a garden where you grow your own food. If space permits you can even have your own fish tank where customers would see you rear your own fish and lobster. What could be a better guarantee that your food is fresh, organic and eco-friendly than if they see you grow it yourself? It doesn’t take much of an effort and definitely is a cheaper alternative than having to purchase them.
  3. Partner with the authentic producers:Partner-with-the-authentic-producers
    We do realize that it is not possible for all restaurants to grow their own products and definitely not all the products that you are going to serve. In that case to go green in a restaurant, you must partner with the right producers. Find the ones with a track record for producing organic products in an eco friendly manner. Check their stocks and growing methods and let your customers know how the producers are as authentic as they can get. It will get you good business and a good reputation.
  4. Buy local food in bulk: The locals are usually visiting your restaurant and it is a great way to make food environment friendly if you buy the local goods. If you are located in a region that specializes in the production of broccoli make sure you have enough items on the menu that would require broccoli. It not will only will impress the customers but also be easy on your pockets. This surely is among the fine ideas to make your restaurant sustainable.
  5. Start with small changes:Start with small changesThe best of changes are not overnight so start off slowly in your quest of catching on to the latest sustainability trends. Your first move could as small as eliminating the use of plastic in your kitchen and in your serving efforts. An important thing to remember while looking for ideas to make your restaurant sustainable is to not go overboard right away and then lose the track.
  6. Manage the waste: Waste management is a crucial part in managing a restaurant. You have to ensure that all wastes are properly disposed and whatever can be recycled in any way, is recycled indeed. The customers would be mighty impressed to learn that you put such high values to recycling your waste products. Recycle the items like cardboard and glass and any other thing that you can possibly reuse. It would also be cost effective if you can manage this task.
  7. Train the staff:Train the staffThis is very important among ideas to make your restaurant sustainable. It is not you alone who are running the restaurant and your efforts alone will never be enough. It is thus important that the staff is made aware and educated. Conduct sessions to let them know how big an impact their small efforts would bring. Tell them about the global situation and make them eager and excited to help you out in your efforts. The results will leave you amazed when you will end up with a team of passionate and enthusiastic workers all motivated to go green in a restaurant.
  8. Prioritize customer satisfaction: You run a restaurant and you do not exist without the customers. It is thus important that you look up to the customer satisfaction. Take inputs from customers on how to make your initiative better. Have them know how you are working towards creating a sustainable restaurant. Seek their help and cooperation and soon you will not just be known for your food but also your efforts and hospitality.
  9. Pay attention to other aspects:restaurant lightsWe are talking about ideas to make your restaurant sustainable and it is not restricted to just the food. Surely food is a very important part of your restaurant but you must pay attention to other details as well. For instance you can install motion sensor lighting where your lights will automatically turn off in the absence of people. Do not use plastic decorative or any high consumption appliance. It will not only help you be sustainable but also be good on your electricity bills.
  10. Prepare for the long run: The initial cost of installing energy efficient gadgets or gadgets powered by solar energy is going to be high. So will be the starting days of growing your own food. But in the long run they are going to save you significant amounts of money and never ignore that fact while you start off.

Final words

As an owner or a manager of a restaurant or even as a chef, you ought to make food environment friendly. Follow these simple strategies and count on us, you won’t fail to go green in a restaurant. Not only will it increase footfall in your restaurant but also be a valuable contribution for the betterment of the environment. In this times of trouble we say, “Go green or go home!”

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