6 Eco-conscious Bulk Purchases for the Entire Family

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Taking care of the earth is extremely important, and we all tend to think about the most obvious ways to support the earth, such as saving on water usage, recycling what we can, and not using too much energy. However, another way to help save the earth depends on what exactly it is you buy. Buying certain items in bulk can help your family and also help the environment in different ways, so it’s up to you to determine what makes sense for your family. To get started, take a look at these 6 eco-conscious bulk purchases for the entire family.

1. Drawstring Bags

Reusable shopping bagsYou can buy cotton Tote Bags, which will give your family easy ways to carry things and save the environment on shipping these items to your home multiple times. Using drawstring bags when grocery shopping, or running errands instead of using plastic or paper bags will help the environment greatly. Plus, they’re easy enough for everyone in your family to make use of them at some point, so having a bulk stash means you can access the bags when you need them and not have to waste money or energy when purchasing more.

2. Disposable Dinnerware

When having a party, using disposable dinnerware can provide an easier cleanup, but Styrofoam goods are horrible for the environment. Instead, you can purchase disposable dinnerware that’s also eco-friendly, as some are made from paper and some are made from materials that benefit the earth when they end up in the ground. These are a little bit more expensive than your traditional dinnerware, but you can rest assured you’ll be doing good for the environment when you make this purchase.

3. Clothing

eco-friendly clothingMost people don’t think about how their clothing is produced and how that can impact the environment, but the processes can easily cause damage to the air and land. However, you can buy eco-friendly clothing in bulk for the entire family, and this can not only save you money, but also save you time and help the earth too. Items like full-cotton t-shirts that are produced in an eco-friendly way can be purchased in bulk, so think about what your family would use during a certain season and make your bulk purchase.

4. Food

Buying your food in bulk can help you save the earth in different ways. First, having all your food on hand means you’re spending less time traveling to and from the grocery store, which will save on gas and reduce pollution in the air. Also, buying in bulk means you can ditch all the plastic bags you typically bring home, as most bulk supply will come in boxes that can be recycled. Think about your grocery needs for the month and plan out what you can buy in bulk to help you save the earth in different ways.

5. Water Bottles

Reusable water bottlesReusable water bottles are another great item you can buy in bulk for the whole family that will benefit the earth. Instead of using plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, you can have a reusable water bottle that can be filled with just about anything. This way, whether your child is headed to camp or if you just want some water while at the office, you can have exactly what you’re looking for without creating additional waste. And when you buy these items in bulk, you can have plenty on hand for your entire family and save on the amount of times you would otherwise go to the store to purchase plastic water bottles.

6. Lunch Accessories

If you take lunch to work or if your kids take lunch to school, you could be adding a lot of items to landfills with plastic sandwich bags and paper lunch bags. Instead of doing all this every day, why not purchase reusable lunch accessories that allow you to produce less waste. For instance, buy a reusable lunch bag to reduce your use of paper bags. Then, you can also purchase reusable sandwich wraps or baggies, or start using Tupperware to carry items, so you don’t have any waste every time you or your child eats lunch. Plus, these can all be purchased in bulk so the entire family has plenty to choose from when it comes time to taking lunch on the go.

Making the eco-conscious decision to buy in bulk to save the earth will reap plenty of benefits for you, your family, and the earth. Simply do some research to find out what other items you purchase that could also be bought in bulk.

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