10 – Green Ideas to make your office more sustainable

Have a desk plant

The world we live in is at a perilous state. A degrading environment coupled with the menace of global warming has made life on earth difficult. With problems multiplying each day, we have to make sure that we do not run out of green ideas. That is precisely what we are trying to get across in this article where we will tell you how you can implement these ideas even in your office space. Since we are trying to achieve a sustainable version of everything nowadays, why must you stay behind when it comes to your office! Enjoy a sustainable office with these simple tips.

Some important green ideas for a sustainable office

  1. Set up a team:
    Set up a team
    The first thing that you can do in this regard is to set up a dedicated team. The team will work relentlessly to establish the sustainable office in two ways. Firstly they will educate and spread awareness among the others. Secondly they will be tasked with all aspects that potentially make your office space eco friendly. Once the team is set up you can go ahead and explore many other green ideas.

  2. Set targets: The first step has ensured that all the people working in the office are enthusiastic about protecting the environment in their own little way. Now that this is accomplished you can set some goals for your office. For example one month the goal could be not to use the plastic disposables for eating or other purposes. Once the goal is achieved you can have a celebratory lunch to make the efforts of being environmentally friendly memorial. It will also serve as a good opportunity for bonding between the people in your office.

  3. Switch off all appliances:
    electricity bill
    There are some offices which spend way too much money on electricity bills. This is because every now and then someone or the other forgets to switch off things before leaving. An office is bound to have several appliances and you have to make sure that all of that is switched off when people leave. This is one of the easiest green ideas to implement and will also save you a significant sum of money.

  4. Get eco friendly appliances: This may sound to be somewhat of an investment initially but in the long run it will save you a lot more money than it would cost. It also has to be taken into account that using as little electricity as possible is an eco friendly way of dealing with things. The office you set up will seem a lot better with such appliances at your service. You will also be offering a considerable help for the environment.

  5. Go paperless in the office:
    Go paperless in the office
    The use of paper is more harmful to the environment than you can imagine. Millions of trees are felled each year to supply offices all over the world with paper. One of the brightest green ideas thus is to go paperless in the office. It is very much a possible task to achieve and will save you both money and make a contribution for the ailing environment.

  6. Control the temperatures of the AC and the thermostat: The temperatures maintained actually determine the energy consumed and so take care to note the temperatures of the AC and the thermostat. Always have them in the eco friendly mode or at temperatures of around 74 degrees. This will be of great help when it comes to going green. This will also help in establishing a comfortable temperature in the office space.

  7. Use renewable energy:
    Use renewable energy
    This again is one of those green ideas which will require a little initial investment. You can install solar panels around your office. This will help you to use a renewable source of energy such as solar energy to power your office appliances throughout the year. These little steps will eventually go a long way in making your office an eco friendly space. It is also sure to save you a lot of money after you have put in your initial investments.

  8. Maximize natural light in the office: A sustainable office is one that uses the least energy. So you can ensure a lot of light is allowed into your office space. With so much of natural light it will mean that the electrical appliances like the lights can be given a rest. A small step such as this will actually yield much broader results and this is definitely something that should be kept in mind while you set up an office. Just open up the drapes when you are working in broad daylight and get some essential Vitamin D.

  9. Encourage people to share their commute:
    Encourage people to share their commute
    One of the largest causes of a degrading environment is the incessant burning of fossil fuel. As a dedicated team with goals of being eco friendly you can work on this aspect and ensure that members in the office take green transportation. For instance, availing buses or sharing cabs or cars can reduce the amount of fossil fuel that is burnt while coming to office and while going back. This should be a set rule in your office as a part of other green ideas.

  10. Have a desk plant: It is good to have some green specs amidst the concrete forests. So you can have a desk plant at work and encourage others to do the same. Apart from the beautification aspect this will also be good in terms of a larger supply of oxygen in the office and a better work environment.

Final words

It becomes a responsibility for all the citizens of the world to care for the environment. So with these tips you can easily play your part and be environmentally friendly. When your office is set up on these ideas it will not only play an important help for the environment but adopting the eco friendly way will also go easy on your pockets. Let’s make the world a better place to live in.

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