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Gadgets you can play with to generate renewable energy

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We all need energy to fuel our technology-dependent lives, and there is nothing much better than those few watts that are generated via renewable sources. While renewable energy generation largely depends on solar and wind generators, there is no dearth of systems that make energy generation as easy as playing. Designers have figured out many ways to convert your playtime or your kid’s playtime into energy. Here is a list of 10 such products that make renewable energy generation as easy as playing:


Created by a team of four engineering students at the Harvard University, the SOccket is a soccer ball that captures the energy from impact that is usually lost to the environment. The generated electricity is then stored in the ball, which after dark can be used to light an LED lamp or charge a cellphone.

Yoyo Mobile Phone

The Yoyo Mobile Phone is the brainchild of industrial designer Emmanuel Hanson and has been designed to harvest kinetic energy for a sustainable recharge. The charger features a built-in dynamo that converts energy from motion into usable electricity. All the user has to do is to keep spinning the device until the onboard battery is charged. Once it has accumulated sufficient charge, it can be connected to a range of portable electronic devices to recharge them.

Pullight Dynamo

Created by designer Sebastien Sauvage, the Pullight Dynamo uses the employment of a Yo-Yo mechanism to create a string-powered dynamo that uses a 3-phase motor running on very little kinetic energy. The splash proof thing may look no better than a cheap toy, but it can charge small devices like a mobile phone or iPod with ease.

Magic Rubik’s Cube

Designed by Zheng Weixi, the Magic Charger concept works on the principles of electromagnetic induction to harvest clean energy whenever the user plays with it. The resultant energy can be later used to recharge portable electronic devices. We believe that the concept will generate more energy if you play for longer periods.

HuMo Human Dynamo

Conceptualized by Nick Reddall, the HuMo aims to utilize the physical capability of your body to charge the modern electronic gadgets we can’t live without. The HuMo is able to generate an average of half a watt of power from a normal walking arm swing, which could be used to charge the power-hungry devices. There is a small string laid inside the sleeve that drives a pre-planned linear generator to create a natural feeling and resistance.

Golf Club Charger

The Golf Club Charger by industrial designer Mac Funamizu has been designed for all such amateur golfers which would not only prevent some injuries but will also charge your iPhone or other mobile phones by harnessing the kinetic energy of the swing. The device only has the hand grip and not the actual club, thereby preventing the user from stroking a golf ball with this. When the grip is swung a specific number of times the energy captured can be used to charge mobile phones and other portable gadgets for a couple of hours.

Finger-powered Phone Battery

Designed by Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee, the finger-powered battery is what will keep your talks going for those extra minutes before you have access to a wall socket. The concept isn’t built on a green theme, but does keep your chats lasting a wee bit longer by harnessing renewable energy. The battery features a built-in generator, which produces a few milliwatts of electrical power whenever it is rotated around your finger. The designers claim that rotating the battery 130 times on your finger can generate enough energy for 2 minutes of talktime.

iYo Charger

Crafted by Swedish designer Peter Thuvander, the iYo is a yo-yo charger for the iPhone. The charger converts the energy generated by the movement of the yo-yo using the principle of electromagnetic induction and stores the charge obtained in a small Li-ion battery. This can be used to charge up your latest cool gadget at any point.

Mechanical Mobile

Designed by Mikhali Stawsky, the Mechanical Mobile features two charging options – a spin charger and a crank. The touchscreen cellphone is designed in two versions, allowing the user to either spin the entire thing around a finger or crank the tip for power.

Wrist Grip Charger

The Wrist Grip Charger by industrial designer Mac Funamizu will come in handy for the instant charging needs where AC outlets are unavailable. The charger harvests the energy spent in squeezing the wrist grip into usable electricity, which is later used to power your iPhone.

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