5 Green products for greener offices

PP office waste paper processor

A greener office is an office which is environmentally friendly and resource efficient, productive and a healthier place to work. An office provides lots of ways for going green from the lightning system of the office to the green air purifier or mobile air conditioner, there are numerous ways to make your workplace environmentally friendly. Few green products for greener office are mentioned below.

1. iGO


iGO is the leading company which makes affordable environment friendly power management products. iGo offers power management products and environment friendly chargers. The products offered by the iGo include a laptop charger, Power Smart Tower, and Power Smart Wall. These products use 85% less vampire power than the normal products. Vampire power is nothing but the standby power which the electric devices continuously withdraw when they are plugged in. These products conserve energy by shutting down the power withdrawn when devices are not in use and automatically provide the power when it is needed again.

Laptop chargers reduce the wastage of energy by enabling one charger to charge hundreds of devices through interchangeable tips and are priced at $99.99. It features two USB ports to charge cell phones and instant wake-up button to immediately power the outlets. Price of this product is $79.99. Last one is the Power Smart Wall. It has two outlets for devices which require continuous power. It is priced at $29.99.

2. PP office waste paper processor

PP office waste paper processor

A lot of waste is generated in the offices in the form of printed papers which can be used in ecofriendly way by using PP office waste paper processor. PP office waste paper processor is the product made by designers Yuanyuan Liu, Chengzhu Ruan, Chao Chen, and Xinwei Yuan which converts waste paper into pencil sticks. This device allows users to slide in sheets of paper which are rolled into pencil sticks with lead in the center and thus help in saving trees.

3. Green air purifier

green air purifier

Air purifier is an important product for a green office as contaminants can really hamper the productivity of people working in the company. AirMD from Alen is one such product which removes lead and ozone contaminants on hand and on the other hand it saves the environment too. What’s even better is that it has also been awarded the “Energy Star” seal by the EPA and Energy Department. It has four speed settings that maximizes the performance of purifier’s HEPA filtration system along with its ionizer and Light touch activation controls. Along with UV lamp it also has a 24 hour programmable timer lets you pre-set the purifier to cleanse the air in your office.

4. Mobile air conditioner

Mobile air conditioner

Air conditioners are nowadays becoming a necessity due to the rising temperature and contaminants in the air which otherwise adds to the various health related problems in human beings. Mobile air conditioners provide effective cooling while minimizing your power consumption. This next generation ecofriendly mobile air conditioner can be placed either in the balcony, on the ground or over the edge of the window frame or can be attached to the outside wall. This air conditioner is as effective as any other air conditioner and it also offers the benefit of being green which helps in saving the environment and reducing global warming which is a very important concern.

5. LEXON Ecofriendly office gear

Bamboo Calculator

Lexon’s new line of ecofriendly office provides creative, practical, and stylish handheld products and they are in high demand. The green products from lexon includes crank-powered AM/FM radio, MP3 player, retractable pens, solar powered LCD clocks and calculators that not only utilize renewable energy, but is made from bamboo. Even the keys are made from bamboo and should be something that could initiate some ecofriendliness for the office setting. The ecofriendly collection called the Safe Collection harnesses the power of solar energy for calculators, LED flashlight, and an alarm clock. It also includes a radio which is powered by crank instead of electricity. Safe collection designed by Elium Studio from Lexon has proved that products made from bamboo can look sleek, clean, and sophisticated.

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