Coolest products made using cardboard

Whenever it comes to making new products, not many manufacturers opt for cardboard as the preferred building material. Cardboard isn’t waterproof and durable products, which have been designed to last ages, mostly make use of plastic or other similar products. However, once discarded, products made using plastic take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose, polluting the ecosystem during that time. There are several ingenious brains who do believe that cardboard is robust enough so make products last just as long as you would want them to be, after which you can safely discard them, with an assurance that they won’t polluting the environment. Here is a list of 10 such carefully crafted products and pieces of art, which are safe to dispose.

Recycled cardboard Tube Chair is rigid and green

Did you ever imagine that you can sit on a chair made of cardboard? Before you conclude that it may not be durable, think twice. Peter Gorse is a creative designer who believes in making practical and useful things for your home. Tube Chair is one of his such inventions, made of recycled cardboard tubes. To prevent the chair from falling apart, the tubes are secured firmly using series of cable ties. It is truly an eco-friendly and sturdy chair. This chair is available in different sizes and colors. There also other accessories available such as bubble wrap seat cover.

Surf board made of cardboard: Interesting and eco-friendly

Appearances are deceptive, and so true in this case. Unlike conventional surfboards, this is made of four hundred pieces of cut cardboard. These intersect each other and are coated with resin and fiberglass. Cardboard is lightweight and strong, and this makes it perfect for asurfboard to withstand the wild waves. If you plan to try this out yourself, you could try using the kits available to build one. You should also finally coat it with fiberglass.

Xbox controller chair made from recycled cardboard

Why sit on an ordinary chair when playing with your Xbox console? Be in control of your game while sitting on an Xbox console shaped chair. This is no fancy chair. It is made of simple cardboard, glue and lights. When we spend no time in throwing away the cardboard boxes, there are people who wish to recycle and reuse using the packaging material at home. This 6-foot long chair contains hundreds of cardboard pieces. This can hold weight up to two hundred pounds!

Biodegradable vacuum cleaner made from recycled cardboard

Jake Tylor, a young British designer has made laudable effort in constructing a vacuum cleaner made of materials that can be recycled. The vacuum case is made of recycled cardboard. Even the internal parts of the machinery are made of materials such as pure nylon plastic. This can be easily assembled without the use of glue. These vacuum cleaners will cost you much less but are as effective as a conventional one. Any damaged part can be easily replaced since it is made of recyclable materials. This biodegradable vacuum cleaner can be further decorated with felt tip pens.

Cardboard USB stick

Colin Garceau-Tremblay has made a USB stick made of recycled cardboard. This comes with five USB stick strips. In case the strip wears out, you can remove it by tearing the strip away. This USB stick is both waterproof and fireproof as it is made of corrugated cardboard. It can be recycled since all the parts of the USB stick are made of cardboard. This way we can reduce the carbon footprint to a great extent.

Cardboard seating for those in love with Volvo’s back light

For all those Volvo car lovers, take your passion in your living rooms. Volvo Seating Unit is an inspired creation from the brake light of this car. This unit is made from endurable cardboard. An ottoman and a side table comes with this unit. Whenever you require more space in your living room, simply slide the side table back into the chair.

Cardboard cameras

Click away to glory with a camera made of cardboard. Kiel Johnson, an American artist has received a number of awards for his artistic creations. He has now developed a nature friendly camera made of cardboard. The cardboard cameras range from retro 8mm cameras to twin lens cameras. This cardboard camera collection has point and shoot cameras, SLRs and Polaroid cameras.

Custom cardboard coffins

Creative Coffins have come up with eco friendly cardboard coffins. It is a largely made of 60 percent recyclable paper. It also contains pulp and wood. The handles are starch based and are made of natural cotton. This coffin can be customized to suit your taste and preferences. It is completely safe and non-toxic since it does not have metallic bolts and screws.

Office bowling set from Cardboard Safari

Beat the boredom and soothe your nerves by playing a game of bowling with Cardboard Safari. This is a bowling game set designed specially for office workers. It comes with a set of nine pins with a bowling ball. The balls and the pins are completely made of cardboard, with the help of a laser. They are shipped in flat boxes that makes shipping efficient and easy.

Muji cardboard speaker

Muji from Japan has introduced cardboard desktop speakers. They are easy to assemble and are portable. The electronic elements of the speaker are built in well within the piece. These can be plugged to your iPod, MP3 player or any other audio player.

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