Coolest eco friendly DIY lamps you can easily make

Most of the everyday items that we use find their place into landfills where they are a potential environment and health hazard. So what can be more ecofriendly than reusing plastic bags, bottles, shoes, furniture anything you can think of, the list is endless into something beautiful and creative. Here we talk of making lamps and lamp shades from almost anything. It can be your own one of a kind lamp and it also helps to save money.

DIY wine bottle lamp

Inspired by Maison Martin Margiela’s home Remodelista shows a DIY project based on recycling and reinterpretation. All you need is a wine bottle, the older the better to get that vintage look, a lampshade of your choice and a cork stopper lamp kit available at Remodelista. This kit can work on any kind of wine bottle and it comes as a ready to use kit. Just put these things together and you have an amazing lamp.

DIY simple oil lamp

For making this simple oil lamp all you need is one glass bottle and cooking oil. Take off the metal cap from the bottle and fill it up with oil. Now make a hole in the cap with scissors and put some scrap cotton through it. Make sure to cut the cotton 1 cm wide and about 5 cm long. Leave about 1 cm out of the cap now put everything into the bottle and screw the cap. Light it up and enjoy.

DIY rustic lamp

This one looks cool in you drawing room giving it an aura of the old. It is made using scrap and a simple lamp kit. Lumber from a log home builder in my area and a simple lamp kit. You can use lumber, wooden pillar or even a log. With the help of a long extension drill, drill the timber through the centre or you can also wire it up from the back. Make it as tall or short as you like.

Paper cup decorative lamp alt

It is made up of paper cups that are of no use after the party is over. It’s simple to make. Just cut the bottoms of the cups and glue them together into any shape you like. It takes only about fifteen minutes. Throw in a colored bulb of low wattage as you do not want to melt your shade and you have an uber cool lamp.

DIY flower fairy lights

Made out of egg carton cups these lights are different and cool around the household. Cut out one separate cup each from the egg carton with the help of scissors and throw away excess cardboard surrounding the cup. And now, trim the edges of each cup to form small flower petals. Make a short slit inside the cup and carefully insert one LED light into each flower. You can cut the cups into varied designs.

Castor Canadensis DIY

Old tube lamp and old fluorescent tubes are perhaps the most common trash which is improperly disposed which we generally throw in the garbage bin rather than follow the proper disposal required for them. A design based in Toronto called Castor Canadensis has come up with a great idea to reuse the tubes. They craft beautiful ceiling lights just by wrapping a series of dead tubes around a pair of bulbs. You can make two versions, one with small tubes for your dining area or your study and other to hang from the ceiling.

DIY recycled light bulb

Lamps Bulbs Unlimited is a system, which transforms light bulbs into spectacular light objects. The light bulbs are stuck together like bricks, using simple snap buttons and a custom-built positioning device called the Inkubator.

DIY Gold toy lamp

With all the plastic toys lying around in your child’s room this one is a savior. Designer Ryan Mc Elhinney came up with this rather creative idea of a gold lamp. Glue up the small plastic toys to form the base of the lamp and cover them with gold polyurethane lacquer.

DIY happy hour lamps

Cocktail umbrellas are used in this DIY project imaginatively to make pretty lamps. They are glued together and dipped in phosphorescent paint making them a glow in the dark type lamp. These ‘Happy Hour’ lamps are efficiently sprayed with a layer protective lacquer and finished with a fire retardant spray. Then you can add a bulb with wattage of 45 and have your own glowing lamp.

DIY plastic spoons

Best use of plastic spoons can be seen when you make a chandelier from them. Made by Studio Verissimo of Portugal, artists Claudio Carduso and Telma Verissimo have created these one of a kind chandeliers entirely of plastic spoons. From a distance the chandelier looks like it is made from Lucite. These look amazing in your living area.

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