YETA: A flexible solution to get your own green space anytime, anywhere

Have you ever seen a built structure that existed at a place on one fine day and disappeared the next day? Sounds like some camouflage, doesn’t it? But, it is true for Yeta, the (in)visible hut. Such kind of a hut has been designed in Italy as part of a residential cum cultural type of project. This project has been completed by Lab Zero Architecture, and the hut’s special and innovative design has been developed by the talented Italian architect Flavio Galvagni. A micro architectural creation, Yeta is a fully wooden structure that somewhat resembles a big stack of trunks of several trees.

YETA - (in)visible hut


This (in)visible hut has been built by a consortium of private companies that operate in the Trentino Alto Adige’s Alpine region. The consortium has also built such Yeta huts in Brescia and Rome. A typical Yeta hut is a compact structure that has measurements of 4.4m length x 3.8m breadth x 3.3m height. This hut has light modules because of which it gets easier to flexibly transport and assemble the structure. That is also the reason the hut can be fitted at a place, and then per user requirements, transported to another place, seeming as if the structure never existed at the first place.


Yeta has a variety of configurations, and it can be constructed using different wood types with varied tones and scents. A basic Yeta hut includes a mini kitchen, as well as a mini bathroom with shower. It has an insulated wooden shell, along with a thick double layered glass that maintains the warmth inside the hut during the winter season. The design of the hut is so creative and flexible that it can be fitted in different ways per user needs. The Yeta (in)visible hut has an eco friendly design as it is installed with a mini photovoltaic system, because of which the requirement of an electrical grid goes off. Thus the hut can be placed anywhere and is quite sustainable.


This unique kind of hut can play several roles for you. When there is a need for a shelter from where you could just have a view in the forest, it offers you that simplicity. It provides you a creative laboratory kind solution when you require a lonely place in a park or remote area where you could conduct some research work. It may act like a mountain shelter on one hand, while becoming a display station on the other. In natural settings like a camping ground or provincial park, this hut may become your mini lounge. Yeta can be a meditation place for some, while being a temporary survival dwelling for the other.


The prototype of the Yeta (in)visible hut is under development so it may be commercially available as an innovative unit for the customers. This hut would be available in several configurations for the user. It would be possible to customize this special structure the way one wants. This green structure is not only flexible for you as a user, but also friendly to the surrounding and nature.

Via: Architizer

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